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    Yes I am a newbie, but not to two strokes and motor cycles or push bikes. So here I am my two great loves come together. I was building a bike when I found a cruiser rat bike on gumtree. So now I have a brand new kit a ready to go and a rather worn cruiser and a spare engine in bits. And yes i AM PUMPED. I have been busy studying parts working out what i can rob from the motorcycle world. Like a DID chain and expansion chamber of an 50 cc 2 stroke ATV. I ordered a flat slide carby and engine rebuild kit. I am running springer forks which do not have a mount for a disc caliper. Again I found a mounting bracket on ebay for a caliper. Now I need to get some decsent wheels and hubs but that has to wait till I rebuild engine and sort chains and sprockets.
    I see there are activities. In my past life I was a promoter and now I am really pumped. Now I want to build a cafe racer with my spare engine. I have a good collection of pushies. A Cannondale and Giant. (mountain bikes), an old school mongoose, super elliott BMX (80's tange araya). Old school 700c Shimano 600 road bike. and heaps of spares. At the moment I am focusing on my rat bike and have already trawled heaps of info from your awesome forum. Cheers all
    Ps dont know how to post a picture on my profile (doesn't matter)

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