Well It happend !!!!

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    The stock rear wheel on my Schwinn Point Beach bit the big one !!!!
    I was riding along and all of a sudden pop..pop..pop spokes started breaking and then the wheel started to warp until it snaged on the brake pad.
    I got my bike tool out and disconnected the rear brakes and got enough clearence to limp on home with wobbly rim.... ( about 1 mile )

    Does any one know of a 26" wheel I can buy that is as good as gebe's velocity wheel, but will take screw on gears and not the slip on type.
    I dont mind paying for a good wheel but the gebe wheel will need new gears and 25 bucks shipping thats kinda high for me right now ...

    Maybe a brand that is sold at the local bike store???
    or should I just print out the specs for the velocity wheel and see if they can match, or maybe look on flee-bay...

    I got over 600 miles on the cheap wheel though !!!!!

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    worthwhile wheels

    I strongly suggest that you spend as much money as possible to get the best rim possible. that rim is your life, and possibly the difference between your normal self, and yourself with roadrash all over your face.

    you want a good, strong, double-walled rim, with as many spokes as possible.

    I would look into something like the DitchWitch wheels or better, made by Sun Rims. or it may now be called Sun Ringle

    you want a strong wheel, a fifty dollar single walled rim will bend all up and be whack, within a month. that was a hard lesson to learn when I was totally broke.

    Best of luck to you,
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    Thanks for all the info !!

    Now to go remove old wheel and tire and tube !!
    I go to the bike store and see what they got ...
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    ask here then to the bike shop

    ask here then to the bike shop
    just as I just stated in another post
    most good answers here on site -- seem to go un-noticed ???

    chances are -- from hearing about the way in which your wheel went
    your spokes were way loose -- causing this major problem ???

    ride that thing
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    I checked them often

    You would not imagine how cheap these stock wheels are.
    one spoke broke like a month ago then last night 4-5 and that was it.
    I knew it was just a matter of time. the first spoke did not break it pulled out of the threded end.but i got around 600 miles out of that wheel.
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    On a GEBE spoke ring, Weinmann beats Wheelmaster on spoke alignments by a country mile.

    Always one spoke on a Wheelmaster was a tad out of line, on the 8 Weinmanns Jack and I have put together since the first of January, these things are perfect, the tension bar barely moves they are so true.
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    Where does the measurement come from

    on the width of the wheel
    my stock wheel is 1" wide ( by tape measure )
    it came with a 2.125 tire but I have a 2" tire now.
    so do i get a wheel thats 26" x 1" 36 hole 4 cross solid axel
    thred on gears.
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    I went wide and big, wanted it as strong as possible.
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    Steel rims slip like crazy if you're using rim brakes and they get wet.
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    They are strong all right, I used them on all my builds...until I got tired of the rust forming on my demo bikes. Never had a broken or bent spoke.

    It was the superior spoke alignment on the Weinmann SX7, the reasonable price and alloy construction that I think makes it the best value.

    That is especially true with how much easier the spokering fits for GEBE'rs like Sean.
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    I bought the velocity rim and had to buy a set of gears to go on it but they were really cheap. It only cost like $15 bucks for the casette. The rim itself was expensive though.
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    Is the velocity rim

    A lot stronger than the stock rim that came with your bike.
    I have never seen one in person...
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    Bama, do you know anyplace that sell the Weinmann SX7 wheels online.
    I cant find them local...
    I need the bolt on ( since i have a gebe)
    26" that will use the thred on 7 gears...
    thanks for any info...
  17. bamabikeguy

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    I had no luck finding it online either, more expensive wheels sure, but not the "SX7".

    But I get all my stuff through my bike shop, its in the J & B Imports catalog.

    Every shop has that catalog, and it usually arrives two days after an order.
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    Thanks I will keep trying, we have about 100 shops in my area. (persistance)
    what width is your wheel ? and where do you measure at , the outside of wheel or inside????
    I hAVE A 2" TIRE...
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    you got the Weinnman

    when you ordered the wheelmaster ?
    Also the pic shows a quick relese axel, and the words say bolt on.
    maybe it's just a generic pic.
    but that looks like a good deal...