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    Hello, I'm Dan.
    I'm an A/C tech in Pa. I specialize in custom installs in everything from heavy equipment to street rods and antique cars.
    I got the bug to motorize a bike a few weeks ago (intending to go electric)
    and found your site in the search.
    Now I find myself sitting here in my garage at 1:00am looking at a sweet 1958 Sears bicycle,springer front, all gloss black, 6" longer and 3" lower than stock, big fat white walls and lowered seat mount. A Flying Horse silver 80 for power. I only have about 20 miles on it and hope to have many more!
    In my 49 years I have come FULL CIRCLE! Bikes to Bikes.....Wonder what will be next!

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    Welcome from California!
  3. Mountainman

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    welcome from So Calif -- have fun as you ride that motorized thing -- MM
  4. Hawk

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    Welcome again from So Cal! PICTURES!!
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    Ac In Pa?

    I spent a month in PA and all the AC units were being built there and shipped elsewhere like AZ. ) Remember York well like it was yesterday. (1960)

    Welcome to the continuous hobby.



    Thank you for the welcome !!
    I hope this pic thing works.
    I am now over 50 miles and everything is looking great.

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    Very nice! Welcome to the site, all kinds of great info here!
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    Welcome Dan, from the other side of the state. I'm in pretty much the same place as you, starting a new chapter. I've learned so much from this and other sites that I sometimes don't know where to start. Ride safe, enjoy, hope to see you at one of the rallies.
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    Buffalo waving a hand!

    Hey, not like you don't know what your doing... Mighty fine loking build! Might want to make sure it's not runnin too lean.... That pipe looks like it got awfull hot! I'd just hate to see you go through all of that work...

    I've got that same light on my HT, If it ever goes on you or hits the ground or something, PM me and I'll help you run the LEDS off of the magneto...

    Great looking bike! I'm jealous!
  10. machiasmort

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    You might want to move that CDI box after doing some reading here.

    Being a Guy (prone to prostate cancer). Those things emit EMF. Electro Magnetic Frequency (radiation)! Might not be a good idea to have it right there!

    I'm not knitpicking your build at all, this is a great board, you joined the right one... We look out for eachother, although you'd never know it by the arguing that goes on here at times! LOL!
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    I fully understand the " up late working on the bike scenario" Bike building is an obsession that you keep feeding with a lot of free time and a whole bunch
    of imagination and money.I've been an hvac mechanic a long time, live in Maryland and welcome you also to the forum!! bike 002.jpg
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    I still have a York A/C from the late 60's
    And it still works great.
    Something to be said about quality !!!


    Thank you again everyone!
    this is a great site and hope to be around here for quite some time.
    machiasmort, good eye! that happened on the very first ride. I only went around the block and the engine was popping and sputtering like mad and the pipe was glowing bright red!!! I'm thinking that I trashed it in one ride.
    After going over eveything I found that I somehow smashed the plug gap almost closed and didn't notice it when I put it in. Fixed that and everything is fine now. I'm running a 16:1 mix slobbering rich right now for break in.
    As for the headlight, I just had to make do untill I can find one that fits the style of the bike better. I have an old carbide bike lamp that I got from my granfather (30 yrs ago) but haven't been able to find it yet. What could be cooler than an open flame!!??
  14. machiasmort

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    I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that a plug would cause that!

    I made the mistake of breaking my motor in with synthetic oil. I must have gotten lucky... Over 1,000 miles now!

    Funny you should mention that lamp of your Grandpop's... Would really look cool!

    I was just going through some of my Grandfather's fishing stuff a little while back. Humbled by his age and failing health durring my teens, he was in his late 70's. I helped him remove the light that guide his way on Lake Erie from his 12ft aluminum boat before selling. I gave that old light a cleaning and it sparkled like new! Has to be 10lbs w/ real glass and oil leather gasket!

    He was always very depressed he got too old to take me out and show me the spots that fed our family durring the last Great Depression. He had 8 kids and his younger friends can't help but talk about that crazy Old Man who'd never know when to come in, despite getting zapped by lightning through the bottom of the boat! He road a moped (to beat the gas prices) till he was 85 collecting an Aero-space engineers pension! LOL! Through all the wild times life dealt him, he passed in a Hospital bed at almost 100 Y.O.

    As I felt it necessary to tell this story, something tells me, you'll find that old light soon and have good luck with it! I'd love to see pics!
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    ...welcome from Florida...bikes to motorcycles to motorized bicycles...these things are a lot easier to lift and move around
  16. jimraysr

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    Presr O Lite headlight??

    This may be too old for you, but before all the turbo torches,
    Prest-O-Lite was the refrigeration and AC servicemans side kick.

    The little tank was (and is) an "MC" and the larger tank (around 2') is a B tank. The little one was for a Heilite leak detector. Copper disc in a gas flame and drawing its primary air from a rubber tube. The tube was run around areas of suspected Freon leaks and when the flame turned green, you found it. the green was fosgene, so you didn't want to breath it.

    Now the question: What does MC and B stand for?

    Well, MC for motor car and B for bus. Gas lights before they had electric ones.

    Only seems proper for an AC tech that you would have Prest-O-Lite gas light on your MB?

    My B tank isn't the original, but my MC has the name in raised cursive letters in the side of the tank itself.

    Nice looking bike. Glad you found the group.


  17. Awesome looking ride! Oh and the Slow Stik definately adds a thumbs up in my book!


    Yes Jim I remember. I still have one around the shop somewhere. And yes, the fumes off that thing were nasty!
    The slow stick is my eveyday beater. WAY over powered with a brushless park 390 and 11.1v lipo. unlimited vertical he he.....you should hear the wings flap in a powered dive!!
    machiasmort....great story. If I only knew then I would never stop bugging grandpap for storys of his life. I,m sure it was amazing!
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    one of of five men to get prostate cancer

    total carnage hope that you don't mind here
    good spot for a public message regarding the good old prostate thing
    I was on a court case years ago regarding a man who had prostate cancer
    and was blaming his doctor for not catching it earlier

    think it's something like one of of five men will get prostate cancer
    my dad has it right now -- most old guys will just die with it

    we should do all that we can to protect that prostate thing
    don't even think that cell phones should be around it

    want everything healthy when we ride that thing

  20. yimmie

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    fellow Pa rider

    good to see more people from pa ridin. i got some great roads within 20 miles of my houde for riding. nice coverd bridges, etc...
    i like your build looks awesome. i am trying to gather pa riders for road run. if any inter. let me know

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