Well oiled chain, what a difference!!!!

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  1. I was chasing down a "popping" noise somewhere in the drivetrain of my new, HT equipped bike. I thought the chain might be too lose, then maybe too tight. Checked the sprocket and idler gear and was starting to fear the bearings were going south.

    When riding the bike, I would feel a vibration and hear a popping noise that I thought was the links of the chain "popping" over the sprocket teeth. When I pulled in the clutch going down a steep hill, I started getting concerned that the chain might pop off, it was knocking around that badly. I got looking at the chain and noticed that a couple of links were not moving smoothly and wouldn't straighten out completely. I decided to oil them a little bit with some air tool oil. I started at the master link and put a couple of drops on each link. Then I took it out for a ride. Immediately, I could tell a difference and, by the end of my 1.5 mile ride, it was running so smooth! I almost couldn't believe that oil on the chain could make such a difference. I'm mechanically linclined but this is my first motorized bike. I didn't put enough importance on a well oiled chain. Now, I'm a believer! I hope this might help someone else smooth out the ride on their ride.

    Sure, I had to clean up the wide whites when I was done but, that was a small price to pay for the improvement on this ride!

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  2. give me vtec

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    Good lookin bike!!!

    thanks for the tip... I will oil my chain tonight.
  3. I know there is no golden pill that will cure all things but, I was amazed at how much this improved the ride. I'm sure many MB'ers overlook this one fact or dismiss it, like I did. Hope it helps!
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    nice looking MB there !!

    and I agree with you

    I like that MB thing slippery !!!

  5. That got me thinking about what does everybody use to oil up their chains? Do you use oil exclusively or maybe one of those aerosol deals for motorcycles? Something that doesn't sling off of the chain so much would be great.
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    as we ride those things

    yes that stuff is excellent
    had a can once
    lasted for a long long time

    today Iam just using sometimes light grease most times car oil
    is known to pick up some dirt
    many will say this is not the best
    been working pretty well though for fifty something years now

    as we ride those things
  7. Got a can of that spray stuff. I'll try it next time and see how it does. IF it stays on the chain and doesn't wind up on my tires, frame, fenders, saddle bags and back, I'll be happy.
  8. Just as an update, I've used the spray lube and it worked okay. Again, I started to have some links that were too tight. I went out and purchased a new chain at Wal Mart. Since I have a Grubee kit, it came with a 410 chain, not the heavier 415 chain. I bought the larger of the two chains that Wally world had and put it on. Actually, it took two packages of chain, $7 each, with master links. Works great and I'm now trying this stuff called Clean Ride. Again, I'm touchy on my wide whites and the idea that this stuff would work and keep my chain clean, it's worth a try for me. Just wanted to update the thread and all the fellow MB'ers who might see it.
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    I use this green chain oil (cant remember what its called) and give all the chains a healthy dose of it once every couple of months. I usually start the bike and rest it on its stand with the drive train engaged and apply the fluid. If you get stiff links, sometimes you can wriggle them from side to side and they free up.
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    Anyone use kerosene? My buddy and his friends does dual sport riding (on and off road) that is what they use.
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    Nice looking ride! Did you add skirts to thefenders or did you purchase them.
    Where did the great tank come from? Good placemnt of tool bags.
    I keep my chain well oiled (motor oil) and just live with cleaning it. Had a chain poping problem, turned out to be, when I installed a link it was tight.
    tried to work it in but had to take a tool to it.
    How is the mech speedo working and what brand?
  12. Hi James! The tank came from the bay as well as the speedometer. It's working fine so far with about 500 miles on it. I took it apart and put some light oil on the gears. At first, it was pretty shaky but after a while, it evened right out. When the rpm got into the higher revs, it would shake around some but everything that I do to make this bike ride smoother helps in more ways than one.

    I liked the saddle bags that I had on there but, they were a little small and started to come apart at the stitching because of the heavy battery that the one had in it. I found the cycle section of Wally mart and they had a larger, black bag. I've got two of them on the bike now and it is a lot nicer, I think. I'm still looking for a nice seat to match the saddle bags.

    Professor, the last time I used Kerosene as a lubricant, it was for the clipping shears that we used to give our cows a shave! THAT's been a while! :grin5:
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    The chain "pops" if you have the cheap grubee factory chain (wide BMX type chain with too-small rollers that slide on the pins).

    Lots of folks are using a farm-implement chain from Tractor Supply co ($15 for 10 feet!) .

    I am going to get that chain this weekend.

    I have the Grubee factory chain and it made that 'popping" and skipped the cog a few times. I soaked it in oil and put a little motor grease on it. After about 100mi it quit doing it (when you walk the bike backwards it still does a little).
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    Motorbike W. I have the famous black handlebar bag from Walmart. If you put a battery in there, please follow my advice! Don't use the velcro loops (they sheer off!) Put a piece of a picket, rebar, or broom handle inside the bag and use metal hose clamps to secure the bag. Also, use straps around the bag (Wmart has them in camping section, look like bookbag straps with plastic buckles.) or the zipper will eventually give out.
  15. Happy,

    I put a peice of metal on the inside and bolted through it on to the bike. They shouldn't go anywhere, unless a nut falls off! :grin5:

    I just got my 11-gauge rear wheel and Manic Mechanic hub and sprocket on there also. I purchased a chain from Wal-mart (since it's a grubee, I've got the smaller chain) and keep it lubed with White Lightning. It's cleaner than oil and doesn't stain my purdy whitewalls as badly.
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    I use a synthetic bearing grease on my chain and haven't had any problem with the chain in about a year. I remember in the motocross days I used Lubriplate Chain and Cable Fluid. It is a spray lube but I haven't been able to find it lately. There are two MB investments I think I have made. The first was the Tractor Supply # 41 chain and the other is the SBP expansion chamber.
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  18. I use DuPont Multi-Use Teflon Spray Lube on my chains. Best chain-lube I've ever used. Not as gunky as a motorcycle chain lube (I use it on non MBs as well) and collects less dirt than oil.
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    green grease

    Green grease is a very good grease and that is what it's called Green Grease. IM all most done with my second build. The chain is on my Z2-80 and im using a rear hub adapter and sprocket from M.M.. I hand cranked the drive and have chain popping on motor sprocket the same thing on my first duild. I think I had to file the tips of the motor sprocket befor. Someone told me that some gunk chains being sent with motor kits? I have two chopper builds to do and I hope I dont have the same problems with this kit that I wont use agen. Im duilding a occ sting ray and spoiler. Didnt see a kit for the spoiler so I gess ill use the same kit as the occ sting ray. Any one know fo a kit for schwinn spoiler??? Thanks GT
  20. Beautiful bike. I use a wax based aerosol chain lube from my local bike shop on my chain. It is waterproof and stays on pretty well. Like most all lubes, dirt will stick to it, so it is important to remove the chain and clean it periodically. I soak mine in mineral spirits, wipe it down good, hang it up to dry out for several hours, and lube it good off the bike where you can get all around it before putting it back on.