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Well this is new to me

try 1897

Active Member
Oct 9, 2006
Quite a while ago I put a Bikebug motor classic friction drive on the front end of a meridian trike for my wife. Because of the hills I got her an electric hub of 24v-250watt and she used both. Worked for her. My bike is a 1980 worksman mover heavy duty with the same friction bug motor. Mine is heavvvy. It will haul 550lbs not including the bike. So I got a small electric scooter for the lights to use on it and have the motor an two 12v 27amp batteries that go to a hoveraound brand new at a yard sale. So I can mount the motor under the back and chain drive the rear axle.l have all the parts from the scooter. The motor is an HS Electric MY1016 CE 300w 2500 rpm. But I need help to figure out the gearing. I can post the ratio from the scooter drive soon as the rain stops... Tom


Well-Known Member
May 21, 2014
You could use the gear to engine calculator to get into the ball park. It comes with a # 25 chain sprocket so you'll have to get an adapter for a 410 single speed bike chain. It's rated RPM is the free RPM it turns on 24 volts. So consider it's working rpm to be about 2/3rds the free RPM = times 0.66.