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    Ok so i'm get a beach cruiser and putting on an 80cc kit but I'm having a hard time figuring out a way i can put an light something that they don't sell at wal mart for bikes! like an old motorcycle headlite! i just can't find a generator for it! i keep find generators that are powered by bikes you know the kind that power tvs and stuff not a generator that goes on your bike...and i keep getting out bid on ebay anytime i find one on there!

    so if any of you guys have any ideals on where i can find a generator that would work or a way i can run a battery for them if you could drop me a line!

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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm not real sure that I understand your trouble, but I'll try. Sounds like you have a light, or thinking of getting one, that needs more power than flashlight batteries can deliver?

    What I do is I power mine with an ATV battery. I get about 2 1/2, maybe 3, hours of runtime with some pretty bright lights. Then I recharge the battery when it's parked at home.

    Even if this doesn't sound like what you want, it might get you by as a stop-gap until you can find that generator that you want.

    Good luck.
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    there is a lot of information here on site referring to lights

    have fun as you ride that thing
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    Hi There.
    Your white wire will power a bicycle light.
    The bicycle lights and electrics section will help.
    In the bike light use a low watt 6volt bulb. Norman may a some super lights left not sure.
    Narrow plug gap a bit. And put a off/on switch for lights.
    Not bright but your seen. turn switch off or run at a higher rpm at stops.
    Be seeing you.
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    sweet thanks alot for the tips...yeah i had to post here because when i first joined it wouldn't let me view the other forums now i got access to them all! :) but i'm i figured out how to get power but i just want to try to find vintage or vintage looking headlight....i only have two places to buy bike parts near me....the local bike shop which really only caters to bmx and mountain bikes! just basic lights there! oh and i remembered why i hate coaster brakes!! hahahaha they don't work as well a freewheel if you dismount the sets inside the hub!
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    Here are a few on ebay. Vendors and bike sites have a nice,sometimes interesting selection.
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    Hey Cools..Im thinking of getting an old motor bike headlight shell from the bike wreckers or a swap meet and fitting a high power (9 LED +) bike light inside the shell with the original glass still in place..Shouldnt be hard to do and you definitely need tons of light to see and to be seen..Those LED lights are compact and Im sure will fit inside with some packing or bracket mods..The batteries (Lithium ion particularly) in them last for a long time. You can even match it with an old motorbike (small) tail light but most of the units that come with the original LED headlight will pass as the old "shape" or style.
    I am waiting for a local bike swap meet thats close to scrounge around at and maybe in an old box..there it will be..rusty maybe, but fun to clean up and install... I dont like the look of a cheap bicycle light on a cool looking build..it always gets your attention first because it looks out of place..When I find it Ill post a pic..Good hunting ENO (Down Under).....or join the Hells Angels and pinch one from the clubhouse while theyre all drinking...see you in hospital while youre having the light removed..See ya.
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