Crashes went down the other day.

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    hey guys. i thought i share what happened to me the other day.

    i ended up crashing my motored bike due to my tire going flat on the front. i was running normal tubes with slime in them and that didnt do the trick. i got a puncture in the side wall which caused the flat. i actually caught it on video, so here it is so you can laugh at my mistake.:sweatdrop:

    i also rashed up my arm.
    so every day this week, every time my coworkers saw my roadrash, they would go "What happened to you?"

    so this brings up the question for me, what do you do on a motored bike when you get a puncture? i have my motorcycle permit, so i read about what you do on a motorcycle, which if i can recall, let off the throttle, then apply the brakes to the non-flat tire and pull over(if im wrong, someone can correct me on that). i did that and i ended up wiping out.
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  2. agcat111

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    I have AAA towing they have towed motor scooters and motorcylce for me, ask them if they tow motor bikes, after all it has a motor.
  3. Racie35

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    Ouch...I hope you heal okay. That sure happened fast. Scary
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Damn, that cag is Loud.
  5. robin bird

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    Your lucky someone didn't open his door or squash you too - going thru cars like that !
  6. Saddletramp

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    Hate to be dark, my friend was in front of me. A woman opened her car door he hit it. Wearing a Helmet he snapped his neck. Helmet was not to blame. 25 mph into a car door opening he was at a dead end. Don't ever ride close to parked cars!
  7. Fabian

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    I use thorn proof tubes with slime and inflated to low pressure (24 PSI at the rear and 20 PSI at the front) of which the front inner tube lasts for around 12,000 kilometers (7,450 miles) before failing at the valve stem as it rips out of the tube; causing instant deflation.

    Because of this knowledge i replace front and rear tubes at 10,000 kilometers.

    Only once have i had a thorn proof tube fail from a foreign object puncture (on the rear), and that's in a total of just over 50,000 kilometers (31,000 miles) of riding.