Were can I get a clutch pin?

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    just out of curiosity how do you superimpose those arrows over your pictures?
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    thats useful info as well. i've heard those pins get divots and need replaced.
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    Divots from the ball? They come with a divot so it hits the ball square.
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    it was one of ils360's videos i was watching on youtube he said something about the ball ending up wearing a deeper divot and the clutch slipping i think. maybe i misunderstood though.
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    I had a problem with the one on my first motor wearing out in like 2 days and it was ****ing me off, I ended up getting a new motor but instead of spending money and waiting for those pins to be shipped I made my own. They are 1 1/16" and you can go to Lowes or HD and buy some 5/16" rod and cut your own. My new motor is not going through them any more but I have a whole bunch of extra bucking bars now.....