Wereelectrified.com Anybody had buisiness



These people do not answer any emails! I have sent 6 or 7 with no reply.
I bought their BD24 kit and it was supposed to come with the 12 Ah batteries but they said they were out of stock on them so they offer you a pair of hand grips or a 3 pc crank or several other items in place of the 12 Ah battery. What you get is the 7 Ah batteries.
I accepted the deal and asked for the 3 pc crank.
Got the kit and it worked just fine but still after several more emails, have not heard one word from them. Am still waiting for my 3 pc crank set.
Has anybody else done business with this sponsering company?
Doc :-/:censored:
Sorry about that Bill. I picked up there site from the sponser here. Their name was on the sponser list just to the left of us here.
Yup, I didn't see where the sponsers ended and the links bagan. I beg your humble forgivenesses.
Ok just say 5 Happy times and pray the wheel 2 times and all shall be forgiven !:D:Dnow as far as the weareelectrifide I have no glue but good luck
Tanks faudder Loco.
LOL Thats just plain funny.
Anyone else done any business with this non-sponser?
I just purchased and received a few 12 volt batteries from them with no problems.