West Coast Chopper EZ Motorbike (speedway bike)

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    Hey guys, I bought a West Coast chopper off craigslist for 60 bucks with the intent of putting a Harbor Freight 79cc Motor on it. Well the motor was just built the wrong way for the bike. The rope start was in the way of the pedals no matter where you placed the motor, the motor wouldn't sit level....etc.

    So discouraged and slightly angry, thinking I had waisted 60 bucks, I started playing around with a few other motors. Well, wouldn't you know it, the HuaSheng motor that EZ Motorbike uses is our kits, fit almost perfect.

    I started with the mounts. I had to make some extensions to fit the long frame, out of some steal I got from Ace. Once I made my arms, I drilled and tapped the mounts to attach them. Once my arms where in place, I attached the motor mount. I had to slot the holes in the mount to let the motor sit over to the left, so I could clear the top bar. The only thing that didn't really fit was the carburetor, so I am making a manifold to hold it out to the right side. I'm using a 20" wheel on the back and a 26" on the front. I honestly think it looks just like a speedway bike.

    The bike looks mean. I can't wait to get it running, which should be sometime tomorrow. I may use a 24" wheel and switch to the 20" later, just to see what kind of defence in speed I can get. I may also change the rear pulley to a larger one, and then I can tune it all in by playing with different belts.

    All and all, its turned out to be WELL worth the $60 I had spent on the bike. It's almost like the bike and I where made for each other. I have Tons of pics, please check em out and let me know that you guys think of my new ride!!!!

    Ill make a Video tomorrow and some pictures of the Final Project!

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    Didn't Get the bike done today, but Im almost done with my manifold. I also got a new bike today that I will be putting my Harbor Freight motor on. Pics and more info soon!
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    Don't forget, with a frame looking that 1940s/50s, you'll need the right shaped bars, like this Rotrax: [​IMG]
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    Wow, that thing is bad ass. I have some handle bars like that too. I will change em out today and see how they look. Thanks for the comment!!
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    The bars were super wide on the old Rotrax frames because they really didn't want to start turning into a corner, or straighten up when you left it. When the ESO/Jawa frames were introduced, the whole game changed because you could ride with less effort. I understand the modern laydown frames are much better, but all in all, you still need a fair amount of effort to do it.

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