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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by himmelberg, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. himmelberg

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    Just bought an old bike at the second hand store, a 24" something or another. A motor might just help this old school teacher get to work on two wheels and at a fraction of his current automotive fuel bills.

    I spend some time on the Ford Truck Enthusiast board as I sometimes fiddle with my '54 F-100. Hopefully hotrodding a bicycle will be more functional than 3 deuces on a y-block.

    happy to be here, himmelberg

  2. terrence

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    Hi himmelberg. Welcome to MBc!
    I owned a 54-F100 for 21 years. Got a offer I could't refuse. Chopped Volarie front end, 351, c6, air, cruise, power seats, delay wipers, welded in the big back window, oak box. Charcoal grey. Ive got to quit talking about it before I tear up. :grin:
  3. stude13

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    i get a kick when midland is call ed west texas. why is it called midland. is el paso far west texas?
  4. himmelberg

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    Thank you for asking. In Texas everything west of Dallas is west Texas. Midland is about halfway between Ft. Worth and El Paso so I guess you could call it the middle of west Texas which is made up mostly of land. El Paso is beyond my ken.

    Terrence... sounds like a very cool truck. Mine has a long way to go before it is all slicked up like yours was. I will think of your comment should anyone make me any offers.

    It's nice to be here guys, thanks.

  5. I was stationed in Ft Bliss for a few months back in 1982. Spent time out in west Texas throughout my 20 year Army career.

    Welcome aboard!