Western Flyer rides again, is no old bike safe?

Well, I decided to try out the new Hua Sheuy or whatever it's name is. I looked on the "Wall of Shame", for a bike that the motormount would fit without modifacation, and this lil former tank-bike, a Western Flyer, I think fit the bill! I screwed this lil bike together from parts lying in the breezeway work area. 2 or 3 yo wheelset with good new Cheng Shin "City Riders" or something. 44th sprocket, heated and bent Grube crank, Viscount saddle with old 5/8 in clamp on top, orig backrack, and I had to remove the chainguard.
Bike runs good, accelleration is good, engine braking very nice for a auto-clutch. Gearbox has a significant whine which will supposedly decrease as it breaks in. I have no speedo, (yet) I will mount a Whizzer speedo on it, and get some clue as to what it's doing at that level.
So far it runs out pretty nice. Generally starts in a single pull, the lil engine is much wider than I'm used to, but would be better with the correct crank I think. I've put probably 8-10 miles on it since it first ran yesterday, and I can't wait to see what improvements will be with the springer. A front brake is definately in order, and I can now re-adjust the rear wheel, as the sprockets and chain are wearing in a little. The people chain is pretty loose.

Ride Straight, Mike



Starting to see more of the 4 stroke kit out there. Mike is that one of the gearboxes you fill? I read out there these were going to be wet clutches. Looks like it is a perfect fit in that old classic. Have fun, Dave


take a picture from top looking down so we could see how wide it really is?


I too hope it is a wet primary.

Nice fit Mike. Overhead shots are inorder big guy. :)


different kinda thumper, tho... :p

i'm loving the influx of 4-stroke kit info, i'm glad the community isn't missing a beat in staying current... 8)