Western Flyer SUPER special edition

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    Well this morning I did it, I finally finished my first build. It is a Western Flyer Special Edition. It was an old bike that I loved, but due to the hills in Burlington Vt and how heavy a bike it was I didn't ride it much, but now with the addition of a 50CC HT motor I will be riding it lots!

    Everything with the build went smoothly enough, but there where a few hickups

    The first one happened before I even got the motor...I was riding the bike to work when the sidewall of my tire went and the tube EXPLODED (sounded like a gun shot) and sadly my local bike shop didnt have any other white wall tires in stock, so for the sake of getting the bike built I settled for a mountain bike tire (it will be replaced with a white wall soon)

    second hick up was that the fender got in the way of the chain and made an awful lot of noise, thankfully due to how many spots the fender was attached to the frame it was easy to cut it and still maintain good support.

    then the big hickup,..my Frankensteined 1960s coster break seased up on my first test drive and I snapped my axel...so I upgreaded it to a brand new rim spokes and coaster break...

    so this morning I did some finally tinkering and got it running smoothly...starts up first try, idles smoothly and has enough pep to get me and my heavy bike moving at a good speed (well past the speed limits in the city)

    all I have left is to hide some of the exes wires to give it a cleaner look and I will have the good old timy motorcycle look I have wanted.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Well done.

    A great looking bike and you're sure to have fun
  3. pooja84

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    I found it very decent. You are right, you need to hide the wires for giving it a clean look. Keep up the good work!!
  4. fetor56

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    Beautiful looking bike.
    The one thing that detracts from it's looks is the new/shiny/chinese HT tank.If it could be concealed by some 2nd hand/beaten-up old bag,anything.
    Well done man.
  5. CLynn85

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    Very nice. Lose the sticker and paint the engine black, maybe spray some flat black on the tank to make it not stand out so much, and it will look very much like a vintage motorcycle.

    Kudos to you on the vintage frame, I'd love to come across one of those.