Western Flyer up for sale.

I'm selling this one now that I have all the bugs worked out and it starts easy and runs great.

I changed all the studs to grade 5 hardware and everything has been loctited. All cables have been taken apart and lubed with light litium grease.

The bike itself is a 6 or 7 out of 10, not perfect and the rear fender has been re-painted and striped...(not the best stripe job, easily removed.)

Thought I'd offwer it here before I put it on eBay.


I'll deliver free within a hundred miles, delivery for a small fee up to 250 miles.


Yes....I have a little over a hundred miles on it with no glitches or problems what-so-ever.

That's all I needed. We have "tourist season" coming here in the next couple of weeks and there are several campgrounds that allow powered bikes/golf cars/ect. Several thousand campers flood the area. :D

I am selling it to make a dollar and get them going around here....you wouldn't believe the response and questions I have been getting.

Started on one that I will be keeping last night.

The Western Flyer was a good practice run. I did all the upgrades and tweaks found in "OPTIMIZE FOR YOUR APPLICATION". Great bike, just selling to "finance the next one".