Wet magneto, do I need to replace it?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by trevorsking, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. trevorsking

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    I pulled my magneto cover off to check the soldering on the wires (motor won't start). It appears fluid got in there from the hole for the wires, I thought I had it sealed good. Do I have to replace the magneto now? I am trying to get readings from my multimeter but I am getting nothing from the blue wire and 30 ohms from the white wire which I don't use. Any thoughts people, I do have a new CDI and plug but they didn't help. Should I just try to dry it out using a hair dryer?

  2. Purple Haze

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    Yes, if you didn't run it very much when it was wet, you can dry it out and it should be ok. Your chances of success will be even better if you have the newer style mag as they are much better insulated than the old style mags. You can tell if it is a new style mag by the four mounting holes, versus the six mounting holes for the old style. Use RTV to seal it up where the wires come out of the case, and run the wires in a downward loop from the case to prevent water from wicking down the wires.
  3. trevorsking

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    Yeah, I have the newer style, however drying it out didn't help much, it acts like it wants to fire but it won't stay running and the throttle has slugish response. I went through the whole checklist of fuel and
    carb issues, changed out the CDI and plug. I even went ahead while it is down and the new piston rings and head gasket that I had planned to do at some point. I guess I will order a new magneto unless someone else has a different idea. Guess this is a good time to put on that manic mechamic rear sprocket hub assembly with my new 40 tooth sprokey. Oh by the way, good idea about running yhe wires downward out of the magneto hole before running it up to the CDI.
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    I got the newer version wet and it has never worked since. i used an older style one from an old motor i have and it must have a special coating on it because its a real dark brown. whatevers on the has in effect water proofed it coz iv ridden all winter with no mag cover and it was drenched. on a rare occasion it would not idle well but its never quit on me 2years later