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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by NunyaBidness, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. NunyaBidness

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    when a magneto gets wet, will it still work after you dry it off real good?

  2. BSA

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    Quite possibly. Got to be worth a try.

  3. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    well we tried to dry it out last night but it still wouldn't work. CrazyGringo took it out again when he got home last night to try and let it dry out completely. It may or may not work this morning. He did order some more magnetos last night though, for replacement parts.
    The two days I've had a riding buddy were great. I hope he gets it fixed soon.
  4. crazygringo

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    Cross your fingers, say a prayer, or whatever I'm gonna put it back together now. I'll post the result in a bit.
  5. crazygringo

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    I gotta get dressed b4 I test it. I don't want the neighborhood to see me in my Spoungebob Squarepants PJ's.:oops: I'm sure you guys understand. Last night I noticed that there was water behind the magneto so I hung the magneto where it was laying on a light bulb. Those energy saver bulbs don't get quite as hot as a regular one but it should have dried out overnight even without the extra heat. BBS.
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  6. crazygringo

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    no spark:(

    I guess I drive the truck. And I'm back to using 12 gallons of gas this week. Thats 50 bucks.

    There is some good though. I ordered a 36t with the magneto. I'll probably get a ticket. o well
  7. crazygringo

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    I was in the shower thinking while I wash the burnt oil, gas and whatever else had accumulated on my person. when it came to me that the magneto might not be the problem.

    Is it possible that a wet magneto could short out the cdi.

    I dont even know what the cdi looks like inside all I know is that 2 wires go in and 1 wire goes to the spark plug.

    I'll get my bro to test it on his bike. Id hate to wait a week just to find out I replaced the wrong part.
  8. crazygringo

    crazygringo Member

    I forgot I have a kit OTW. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'll be riding again soon. I just forgot all about that.

    What lesson did I learn? Seal your magneto cover and where the wires come out. Before you ride in the rain.
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  9. Xandelee

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    my magneto its wet of oil, the engine is driping it in how do i fix it? any related problems like mine?
  10. G-Superior

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    your seals are probably blow! :eek:
    you will have to take the old one out and replace it(im not sure if you have to split the blook but i dont tking so!:thinking:)
    i think you just have to take the the coil and the flywheel off and pull the bad one out and slide the new one in(very carefully) OR it is probably perfect it just slide it self out of place! :D
    Good luck :detective:
  11. G-Superior

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    *slided its self out of place (sorry about the spelling) :)
  12. Zoombike

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    He means Slid. It slid it's self out of place.... Don't apologize if your just going to spell it incorrectly again.