wet weather gear?

Frogg Toggs. They are almost like those Tyvek suits but a little more stout. They were recommended to me by a guy who rides his motorcycle in every kind of weather. He said that he saw a demo where they put the material in a tub with no bottom and then filled it up with water. Then he said that they put a fan under the tub so you could see the air bubbles go through but no leak at the bottom. Then I went and got some. They also work just as good as my rain suit that I wear in the cold to cut the wind.
I'll be using a MB only in fair weather, which is way more often than not in paradise. :cool: I have a 50cc Dayang scooter for wet weather. If it really gets bad, I always have my Saturn sedan as backup. :p

When it rains, I don a yellow PVC rain suit, pants, coat and use a hood under my helmet. Keeps the water from running down my back. The pant legs have snaps to take up the slack, but for a MB, I'd opt to use a bungie cord to keep the pants tight to the leg.

I always use a reflective safety vest when riding. Bright orange mesh with flourescent and reflective safety yellow stripes. Thank goodness for that as my normal 2 mile commute turned into a 10 mile ride because they closed the ****ed road. Road a 2 lane with no shoulder or bike lane and the motorists left me alone in the right lane. :) That may sound nice, but just a couple months ago, a bicyclist got hit from behind and killed. He was walking his bike a good 15 ft. from the edge of the road. :confused: