What 2-stoke kit is fast but somewhat Reliable

By the way, no major biggie, but your gas filter is on upside down...that tiny round magnet attached to the metal plate inside that filter is supposed to be facing the gas tank, not the carby...lol.
I was thinking of mentioning that earlier, but he has some other issues with that carb that I didn't want to get into, so I didn't say anything.
I had good luck with a Ridgeyard 80 kit. The engine castings were well made.
That Phantom is going to be a rocket ship, seen a couple of you tubers getting into the 50's with these.:eek:
I personally for my first build went with the imaycc kit from Amazon I don’t know what’s different but after the break in it does about 45 top speed takes a minute to get there it will take off from being stopped without pedaling and the only issue I had was it running rich and clogging up exhaust so I removed baffle but overall has been reliable so far and with a couple of tweaks could be a great little motor it is about $200 on Amazon