What 2 Stroke engine is the BEST!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recon chris, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. recon chris

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    I am trying to find a good 2 stroke engine that will not fail 3 months down the road. it should be a 66/80 cc engine that if posibal has a slant spark plug reciver. Also i have been hearing whor sotories about unbalanced engines shaking themselfs to pieces. (so good a crank blalancing characteristic should be in order). And i dont know what clutch asembely i should get with it (BETWEEN A stinger stile larg round plate cluch or a pin and ball clutch). You should also know that i want to pay under 150 dollars for it. Please tell me oh gods of the 2 strokes your knoble deciple awaites your answers.:bowdown: (sorry if spelling is not perfect)

  2. geebt48cc

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    2010 Skyhawk 66cc Slant....................Try, you'll like.
  3. motorpsycho

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    Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, KTM......

    oh, wait, you meant BICYCLE 2 strokes......Hmmmm, then i have no idea.
  4. Zev0

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    Morini, hands down.
  5. occchopperfl

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    tecumseh, tanaka i think
  6. Porkchop

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    Anything as long as it dosen't come from China !
  7. buzbikebklyn1

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    Its Gotta Be A Super Rat!

    Try the GT5R "super rat" 66cc 2 stroke from Grubee... I highly recommend it.
    Its exactly what your looking for.
    Try piston bikes.
  8. wbuttry

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    hey chris i got to 2 strokes a 66cc and a 49cc i have had a few problems with bikes but the motors are fine it depends on how you use them theres a few people who puts 1000s of miles on a 2 stroke i got probaly 400 mile on my 66cc and probaly 600 on my 49cc the 49cc is my favorite it doesnt vibrate like 66 does and it is a lot more reliable engine than the 66 i havent had any problem with the 66cc either i just love my 49 better and these arent harley engines either like i here quite a bit from my dad it aint no indy car son it need love and caressing like a woman
  9. dougsr.874

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    IMO all of the Chinese 2 stroke engines are the same....slapping a shiny sticker on the side and charging more for a so called warranty does not make them any better.
  10. RedBaronX

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    you can definitely get a lemon from the bunch, so my standing advice to anyone about to buy one is-- find a reputable and respected merchant FIRST, and then pick an engine. That way, if you have a catastrophic problem with one, you'll get more help in making it right.

    Next step after getting the engine is breaking it in properly-- a task that has many threads here on the forum. Besides that, all of the Chinese two-strokes are pretty comparable.
  11. Lazieboy

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    I got a 2009 grubee skyhawk 66cc straight plug. It's Reliable has been on 2 different builds of mine and now ready for 3rd LZ3. Waiting for motoredbikes.com to send me my back ordered universal motor mount pisn me off.:annoyed:
  12. retromike3

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    Well maybe not. I have owned three different engines and have seen three types of quality. Each of these engines were 66cc but the fit and finish and the size of the some of the hardware was different. I like the larger head bolt size because the first one I had stripped when I tightened the head bolts to the I torque setting in the instructions.

    I think the most important thing is a good service department that can help you out when things go bad. I think that Murphy was an optimist.

  13. wbuttry

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    motorbikes .com is the name of this forum who did you order the part from pirate piston bikes or who maybe bicycle engines.com i order off and on from piston bike i dont like theyre high price shipping and handleing 13 dollars shipping for a chain 7 dollars shipping for a mirror what happened to flat rate boxes for 5$ come on now
  14. RedBaronX

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    I was just at the post office earlier today, and the $5 flat rate boxes are NOT big enough for a mirror... probably big enough for a chain, but NOT a mirror... The $10 flat rate boxes are not big enough for a pair of shoes...
  15. Lazieboy

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    My Bad

    Kingsmotoredbikes.com is the name. No offense here to home. Roll it till the wheels fall off, or motor.
  16. Dave C

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  17. buzbikebklyn1

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    I still say HT/China girl engines are cast from melted down Chinese beer cans, and not cast all that well to begin with...
    It takes me about 1 hours worth of work with a dremel tool and my extensive set of files and a few sheets or sand paper to clean up an engine for painting or plating.

    As with any small engine, popper break in and careful maintenance is a must, avoid excessive idling while not moving...
    You would be surprised how fast they get hot at idle. This extra heat causes expansion in the engine parts themselves and that in turn tightens up clearances...
    Tighter clearances in a 2 stroke means that the oil film barrier between parts can be compromised...
    Thats why some HTs seem to wear out to quickly

    Keep the mix a little fat, its better to throw a tiny bit of blue smoke rather than seize a piston.

    Dont over rev them! to much time spent at or near red line will wear out ANY engine.

    Keep those air filters on and clean... dust contamination in the intake track can be suicide for these things, it eats up pistons, rings and cylinder walls.

    Baron was right... some time ya just get a lemon....
    I still like the GT5r super rat 66
  18. wbuttry

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    my motors are broke in pretty good and i still use the break in ratio of oil to gas whitch is 8ozs oil to a gallon gas and i flush my tank with straight gas every month so far and clean the screen on the strainer with a old tooth brush you would be suprised how much grit is in the oil of these things and i just changed my fuel filter i been riding since sept last yr till now and i love these little motor bikes
  19. wbuttry

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    i love those morini motors they are awesome i bet they work better than those china motors i wold love to try one out and see how good it is i would love to take it on a trip of about a 1000 mile just to see and wear my self out doing it
  20. RedBaronX

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    for $600 for just the motor (China KITS are under $200) the Morini had BETTER be better than the Chinese...

    (Of course they're better. They're meant for small motorcycles)