what 2 stroker to buy

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    I am building a retro beach cruiser and am looking for a good motor / kit. how has the best engines and kits?

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    With some minor pe install mods I'm partial to the Chinese 2 cycle on a bicycle. I've worked on everything from a single cylinder to big block V8's, gas and Diesel (own both at this time). These are by far the simplest to work on. Been riding one of my 6 builds since 2009. I don't feel that any one seller has a better kit then any other seller. All are a craps shot, but as I said, with a few inexpensive mods I feel you can get many enjoyable miles out of them.

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    in all my experience, avoid anything with a slant head.

    they have absolutely no material hence no strength between studs on the plug side. they warp and always leak right at that point.

    usually the 66.

    bigger is NOT better!

    otherwise...all the same :)