what 4 stroke engine?

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    i know there are many posts out there pertaining to this question, but i'd like to see what personal kind of advice i could get on this issue.i have an older modeled schwinn that i will be getting on monday i hope.i dont know whether i should put a 2 stroke or 4 stroke on the bike, but some people have already lead me to believe a 4 stroke would be better.the uses will be riding to school everyday (2 miles or so) and about 2-3 miles extra on some days.this will be my main way of transport for quite awhile.which engine/dealer should i check out.

    p.s. if you could post links that would be very very helpful indeed.

    ok well i was going to go with a 2 stroke in the first place but since il be riding it 3-5 miles every day i thought i should try to get a 4 stroke.
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  2. give me vtec

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    GEBE with the eho35 is the only way to go for me.... here is my bike. I love it, no complaints AT ALL. Totally reliable, engine starts every time and I have never han an issue with the rest of the kit. 200+ mpg California emission compliant.

  3. The Robin 25 and 35 are outstanding, well designed, well built engines. If you have a lot of steep hills on your route and feel you need more torque, you could use the Honda 50cc mill or one of the Chinese clones of the Honda 50. I would avoid the smaller Hondas, like the 25 or 35. They are no longer built in Japan and the quality/longevity has suffered, or so I hear. The Tanaka and Mitsubichi are the cream of the 2 cycles, but the drawback is mixing the fuel. With my Robins I pull into any gas station and just fill er up.
  4. andyszyd

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    I am enjoying my first built Subaru EHO 35 + BMP kit.

    Very inexpensive, durable, and reliable setup.

    The whole setup, engine included cost me less than standalone GEBE or Staton chain drive kit.

    Got the deal on new Subaru from Silvaire.

    Riding that THING every day.

    Glad I stayed away from HT kits.

    2 stroke or 4 stroke, who cares as long as you've got QUALITY engine.
  5. Bible Man 20

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    ht? wat is that.and also i would go to the 4 stroke just for the simple fact of not having to mix the oil and gas.
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    In your hemisphere & under your circumstances i'de be getting the EZM kit.....azbill from MBc is a reputable dealer here;PM him if your interested.

    BTW...HT=Happy-Time...generic name usually given to an in-frame chinese 2-stroke(48-69cc)....coined by our former Admin.
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    I agree with Fetor about the EZ Motorbike Kit, but else where on this forum Bible Man has indicated that his budget is $200.00 - $300.00 and I think he is going to be hard pressed to find a 4-stroke kit in that price range. Maybe the friction drive kits mentioned in the earlier posts in this thread, but I cant think of any reliable 4-stroke kits that are either frame or rack mount for less than $370.00, and the EZ Motorbike Kit is $650.00

  8. Turtle Tedd

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    Bible man...if your budget is between $200 and $300..then the HT 2stroke kit is the way to go
  9. loquin

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    although ...

    I saw that someone is selling some R/S EHO35s for about 150 in the buy-sell-trade forum.

    Add a BMP friction drive kit, & you're looking at about 300.
  10. Old Bob

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    Honda GX35 is the only way to fly if you are considering a four stroke.
  11. atombikes

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    Harbor Freight

    What about the 79cc Harbor Freight engine? I think it is a little wide, but it seems it could still be frame mounted? It can be had for less than $100 with coupon.
  12. andyszyd

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    I am not sure about that, in my experience Subaru ECO 35 is the way to fly, I own one.

    Subaru ECO 35 still made in Japan, reported 30000 miles runs with no problems.
    You can get it for around $150 (limited time and quantities)

    Honda GX outsourced to Taiwan, price $200 + without clutch.

    Some people on this board report dissatisfaction with Honda 35GX power.

    That,s the bottom line.
  13. Happy Valley

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    Seem like a lot of loose info floating around here these days.
    Let's face it, people are prone to recommend what they own just to validate their purchase.

    I own a bunch of Robin engines and am pleased with them but I'd like to see the source for any testimonials about documented 30K miles. These are weedwhacker engines we're talking about.

    Also, I like to know where the rumors about Honda GX engines suffering any quality issues or being unpowered for their displacement come from? BTW, the Honda GX series micro engines DO come with clutch shoes and spring.
    Sorry, but this just smacks of unfounded internet misinfo.
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  14. andyszyd

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    HF engine is not any wider than Subaru 35 or Honda 35.

    I own one, just separated it from the pump (HF $91 with State tax) it will fit frame mount better than Titan or Honda 50GX and tip the scale at 8.5 lb with tank and clutch installed, compared to Titan or Honda GX 50 at about 12 lb.

    I have Subaru ECO 35 ($165 shipped) and Mitsu clone HF 52cc 1.9 HP ($91 ) .

    Love both of them.

    52 cc Mitsu clone I am going to use to propel my fat *** around mountain single tracks LOL!

    Subaru 35 ECO the little gem always starting at first pull serves me well riding around the town at 25MPH

    Each beats any HT junk, and I do not care if you paid $100 on ebay, or those "High quality" HT kits for $300+

    They are all junk (HT engines)
  15. andyszyd

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    My Subaru 35ECO came with shoes and spring too.

    There is no "misinfo" than you can buy Subaru 35 for much less than Honda GH35.

    They are both comparable engines.

    Rumors about Honda GX being underpowered might be justified.
    Just check with some members here. If you want names I will forward the names by private email.

    There are no "rumors" about Subaru 35 and Honda 35 origin.

    Subaru 35 ECO is still made in Japan, while Honda 35 GX is outsourced to Taiwan.

    Thats the bottom line.
  16. give me vtec

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    yep... junk. $100 on ebay or $400 on rock solid... both are junk.

    and the subaru eho35 is a little gem isnt it.... :helmet:
  17. loquin

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    Honda GX25/35 are built in Honda factories in Thailand. Not 'outsourced to Taiwan.'

    Also, the HF engine is wider than the Honda/RS engines, especially when you consider the drive shaft protruding.

    Here's an the link to an end photo that was posted not long ago
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  18. andyszyd

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    Taiwan or Thailand, my point is Honda engines are not made in Japan anymore.

    You are right about the HF engine, I had HF 52cc engine in mind. My mistake.
  19. Old Bob

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    The Honda plant producing the M4 engine series is a world class state of the art facility, Honda is justifibly proud of it. 5000 associates producing 2.1 million power products and 1.5 million motorcyles annualy.

    I wasn't going to say anything negative about the Robin, but you forced me to present the facts.
    The Honda has ample power and a superior oil system to any of the other mini four strokes.None of the other engines have an oil system that centrifugaly filters the oil to keep metal particles and heavy solids from entering crankcase.Thats the bottom line.
    The Honda doesn't have the inherent weaknesses that the Robin EHO series have, namely a flywheel that is hung off the crank well away from the engine subjecting the crankshaft to unecessary loads and crankshaft whip.
    A check ball valve system in the oil metering circuit that can be tempermental (a ball wedged open renders oil system inoperative)
    The worst part is the rubber hose oil pickup that breaks off at the fitting or looses the weight to keep the end in the oil and no longer picks up oil.
    You can keep a Robin full of oil and still lose the crankshaft assembly or score cylinder due to these problems, I've seen more than one of each on high mileage trimmers. You basicly end up throwing the engine away and replacing it.
    As long as there is oil in the Honda it gets oil. Thats the bottom line.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing Robin, just stating the facts.

    I've owned at least one each of the RedMax, Ryobi mini four strokes on the market, at least 2 EHO35 engines and probably a dozen Hondas.Worked on over 2 dozen Honda M4 engines ranging fron GX22 to GX35 and many EHO25 and 35 engines.
    Working on these engines for 10 years in various real world applications and dyno testing, hands down the Honda GX35 is the best performing four stroke under 36cc.
    Guess I'm a noob that doesn't know anything...:thinking:

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  20. Happy Valley

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    Both make engines, new in the same displacement class, with gas tank and shipping can be had for within a few dollars difference. This is for normal retail availability not some limited time liquidation price. I bought a NIB Honda GX31 on close-out six months ago for $99 + shipping.

    I've addressed these 'rumors' before seeing they speak not as I mentioned "being unpowered for their displacement" but the futility of logic in comparing a 52cc engine to a 35cc engine IE: 50% larger.