What a day...

I said a little prayer for ya buddy. I hope the rest of your day went OK.
That day overall wasn't so bad, because I got those replacement Grade A bolts with a few spares for free... and it made me purchase the new tires & liners, plus I had a 10% discount that expired that day.

And the next day I had plenty of time to clean out the inside this old gas tank from my an old scooter my friend found in a pile of junk... it just so happens to be a perfect fit for the holes already on there, it doesn't leak water when tipped upside down thru the threads or the two pinholes. I think the bottom side of the cap has a one-way valve, but i can't say for sure... blowing thru each side feels the same. Either way, I got lucky as heck that I found this unused gas tank that just so happens to be the same exact size as the one on my motored bike. Awesomeness!!

Plus, I think my tires & liners are already going to be here by the time I wake up. Even cooler!! Dan's Comp & DHL are super quick!!