Stolen What a piece of trash will not steal

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  1. Samdallas214

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    Went to the grocery store when I came out I noticed my bike was move and leaning against the wall of the store and not on the kickstand that was holding it up when I went in .
    So I go and check it out, just to find some lowlife trash has stolen the ends off my front and back kickstands .

    I was able to make better new ones out of solid scrap tubing , this time I glued them in place .

    as easy as they are to make all they had to do was just asked I would of made them a set.
    I probably would of given the 2 they took to them.
    And on good Friday, what trash wont take, thanks for letting me rant
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  2. Anton

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    Unbelievable. I'm assuming you had your bike locked up though?
  3. Samdallas214

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    I will not go in a store for 10-20 seconds without locking it .
    I have had people say your only going to be in there a few seconds , it takes you longer to lock it up then it will to go into the store.
    I say and in that time my MB can be in the back of a truck, or car, or someone can jump on it a ride off, I take no chances rather waist my time then loose my ride
    I just could not believe it something so cheap if your that bad off just ask I'll help ya.

  4. grinningremlin

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    I've considered getting a motorcycle cover, reinforcing it with nylon or kevlar (to make cutting more of a pain) putting one of those lock/alarms on it and parking it up against a light pole or the like, so slimy thieves will think it's a scooter/motorcycle, they aren't as interesting/vulnerable.
    That's one downside to these, people who weren't raised right, see bike and touch/move/steal more readily.I'm just thankful I live far from cities.
  5. Thomas Williams

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    Wow you kick stand ends. you can replace the whole thing for $10-$20 what would the ends be worth.
    $1-$2 ant worth the time at least you would thank it would not be