What about a motored tandem?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ollicat, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Hey guys, check out this link. Would it be possible to hook up a chain driven motor to the front seat position? If so, this would be really cool. You steer from the back seat. If one could hook up the motor to the front seat area through a chain drive, then the driver and the motor in the rear could use all 24 gears - talk about versatility! Let me know what you think. What trouble would I face, ect.



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    could probably be done with a Golden Eagle Bike Kit
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    It's a great idea, always feels like your the only one peddling when you ride a tandem. If there is still room for two, might be under powered. I did see a picture of one setup something like you describe and it had a link between the handle bars so it could be steered from the rear seat. I don't recall where I saw the picture or I'd link it.
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    Well, I am looking for a setup where the chain from the engine hooks up to the sprocket of the second rider. Then, I can use the whole gear system of the bike. The Staton setup just uses one gear. One would have to improvise a bracket that replaces where the second seat goes. Is that possible?