What are my consumer rights?

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    I've bought a bike online that is too big for me to handle (a dutch bike). (I have fibromyalgia and could feel my leg beginning to cramp when trying to get my toe to touch the floor. I chose the bike according to my inside leg length but it's way to big than I imagined. It's been assembled but not used. Can I expect the company to take it back for a full refund?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Might as well contact them and see if they will refund or exchange it. They may be more likely to help since you have a health condition.
    If the vendor will not help, members may be able to advise you on modifying the bike for a better fit.
    A few guys on this site do weld frame alterations, but there should be a no-weld solution to you problem.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I intend to email them tomorrow. I just needed to feel some hope as it's caused me a lot of upset because of the circumstances I'm having to buy a bike but then ending up with the wrong one. Unfortunately they don't do smaller sizes, so I can only hope for a full refund.

    The wheels are 28" and seat is at it's lowest position. It's an old style ladies dutch bike (dutchie) with full chain and skirt guard, integrated locking system and more. It is even possible to weld it if worst comes to worst?

    Thank you once again.
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    Just wish to update.

    The company (I wish I could say who they are but I think this is against forum rules?)
    have not only offered me a full refund, having already compensated me £35 for
    a few scratches that were made in transit, but have also waived the £20 returns fee. I am so
    pleased with the care they have shown me (though heart-broken at returning this beautiful bike).


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