what are my engine choices these days?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ben33904, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. ben33904

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    i live in florida so no hills, im 220lbs, and would like to know what kind of engine i should use 2 or 4 stroke? i was considering a gt5 then i saw the four strokes. whats going to give me the best performance mostly speed however would the four stroke be much slower only being 49cc vs. the 80cc's and would it be alot less noise?

  2. darwin

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    I usually say whatever floats your boat. Go 4 stroke bud! 4 strokes are problem free and youll spend most of your time thinking about improving the bike instead of the motor. No offense to my fellow 2 strokers out there, Ive seen too many threads on problems with the cheap chinese 2 strokers. Now if you want to go w/mits 2 stroker thats a different story or a tanaka. To me the under 40cc motors just dont get it.
  3. strotter

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    My experience: Ive had a HT, Titan 50, Honda 50 and recently a Robin 33.

    Honda 50 if you want power and last forever with out problems.
    (the Honda is worth the extra $50 over the Titan)

    Not sure on the Robin yet, but everybody speaks very highly of them.
  4. motor_head

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    2 strokes are fine with me but i like a 4 stroke
    if you want it to last just don't get cheaply made chineese **** like the HT, some of the china stuff is decent though
  5. seanhan

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    I got a 32cc Tanaka 2 stroke.. Gotta tell you this thing flys and is small.
    My Schwinn point beach's top speed is 33MPH flat ground light wind.
    It's nice becuse the gas tank is vertical and you can fill it to the top.
    No changing oil !!!!! becuse the engine get's fresh oil every tankfull.
    This thing ALWAYS starts within 3 pulls, most of the time 1 pull if primed 3 times.
    When I was getting started in this hobby I wanted the fastest rig I could find, But I got the best I could afford. Not sorry though becuse riding is much more fun just cruising around 20MPH !!!!! And taking in the sights , Going 33MPH is kind of a hold on for dear life kind of thing, just fun once and a while. What ever you get you will have fun with it .
  6. jtmiyake

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    I've considered this recently and ended up staying 2-stroke after reading about the SkyHawk GT5. Just installed last night. I think what pushed me this direction was the cost, familiarity with 2-strokes, ease of install, and not needing to deal with engine trays and gear boxes. I had my new engine installed and running in 2-hours. Quick tweek to my fuel/air ratio mix... good to go. 4-strokes will cost nearly double and sometimes much much more. If you want a great build, 4-stroke is the best way to go but I think 2-stroke works just fine if you get a good quality engine. Give me a year and I'll write my review on the SkyHawk GT5
  7. ben33904

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    well i like the gt-5 but noise is a concern here in florida we have alot of old people that like to call the cops or code enforcement, the four stroke is nice i like the new t drive they came out with but as cheap as a gt-5 is i might go with that first and can go 4stroke later my concern is my weight im 220lbs the four is like 49cc is that not a big loss from a 80cc 2stroke in power and top end
  8. retromike3

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    two or four ?

    When you say 80cc you are referring to the 65cc standard Chines two stroke engine. I have one I have one I got out of Zoom bikes out of Canada. I weigh in at about two ten and it gets me over the hill from Beaverton Oregon to Portland OR.( 6.5 % hill 15 miles one way) and it does a grate job. Now I will admit that I have done a lot of work on my bike and I have replaced many of the parts. THe reason for this is that I made a mistake on buying the first cheep kit I saw off on E-bay.

    From what I have figured out the two stroke kit has twice the power of the four stroke kit. The reason for this is that on a four stroke kit the motor fires only once every two rotations were as the two stroke fires once every rotation.

    I added a "tuned pipe" to my exhaust and that gave my engine even more power. I have read that the tuned pipe uses the shock wave from the combustion to help draw out the spent gasses and pre-compress the new gas/oil/air mixture.

    I added a smaller drive ring to my bike because I have more horsepower and that lets me go about forty miles an hour on the flats(up hill I might have to lose a few more pounds. ):)

    when I buy gas I strap my two gallon gas can to my rack and ride over to the station. Then after I come back home with a full tank I mix the two stroke oil in. This is the extra step that you have to do with this type of engine. I mix my gas at about thirty to one but, that is after its been broken in. But since it gets about 120 miles per gallon I don't need to make that trip to often.

    although it's more work I would recommend a two stroke motor. This bike can really get out of its own way.

    Mike Frye the bike guy
  9. proline20

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    try a bumble bee bike kit. 26 cc 2 stroke friction drive. The simplest design around, one bolt to attach to frame, one screw to attach throttle cable, 2 bolts for neutral position bracket, and one screw for kill switch... Mine has 3840 miles on it and all I do is clean it really good every 500 miles. 27mph on flat. Bumblebee Bike Motors is soon to be back in business (out of Central Florida). keep checking the internet, their site should go up in a couple weeks if not sooner.
  10. I'm all about the 2 stroke HT kits! They look cool & give the most bang fer the buck!
  11. seanhan

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    The bang is when the wrist pin comes loose !!!!!!:jester::jester::jester:

    Then not so happy time !!!!

  12. I've been building & selling these for 3 years... I've never had that happen. :whistling:
  13. retromike3

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    well it does happen

    I had a happy time motor and I rebuilt it and must have made a mistake, when I put the spring clip in on to hold the wrist pin. About five miles out and bang-rip my engine seized. Turns out that it ate the spring clip. the wrist pin was still in good shape though. The cylinder wall was toast and the cylinder was not that much better.

    I did learn how to rebuild that motor pretty good though. and my other rebuild has been holding together OK. With these motors it is a bit like attaching any item to a paint shaker. If it might brake or fall off it will.

    Meanwhile there fun to run and pretty quick. I am rebuilding mine now(engine mount failure) Beside my two cycle looks better that the four cycle.(in my humble opinion).

    mike frye