what are thangs that could be the prob if the motor is sized ? ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tommylee, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. tommylee

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    was on my way back the motor died i tryed to start it back up and dump the clutch and nothing all locked up even tryed ajusting the clutch still dident work

  2. zippinaround

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    Well if the piston is seized in the cylinder you need a new piston , rings and cylinder at minimum
  3. Steve Best

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    A seized motor is usually caused by:
    1) no oil, piston has stuck to the cylinder wall or (less likely) bearings have bound up or come apart and are jamming things.
    2) overheated, due to lean condition, detonation, overwork, wrong fuel or not enough cooling. Piston stuck to cylinder or wrist pin failed.
    3) Parts came loose, broke or failed and jammed. Wrist pin needles, piston skirt, magneto, drive gear, clutch
    4) chain jammed on sprocket, chain too loose or came off tensioner

    If you tried the clutch and back wheel was still jammed up it points to clutch or chain being the problem.
    If the clutch works, just the motor will not turn, pull the side covers off to see if all is well.
    If so, remove the head and cylinder. If the cylinder bore is messed up, you need cylinder and piston.
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  4. jaguar

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    since these engines run rich with the stock carb then probably the cause was an air leak at carb/manifold , crank seals, head/cylinder
  5. Frankenstein

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    Usually grammar.
  6. richard mann

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    if its a Chinese 2 stroke there is an issue that causes the chain to bind on the engine sprocket. on e bay they sell a kit to stop engine lock up. works well.