what are the symptoms of a blown head gasket

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  1. what are the symptoms of a blown head gasket

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    Take your head and crank apart and if you see if theres any fuel on the gasket that means its leaking if there is..Your engine will run like **** if its blown if it runs at all..you loose compression and power.
  3. thanks for the info I took off my head and my head gasket is completely soaked with fuel I am a little hesitant about taking apart my crank to check the crankcase gasket if I change my head gasket and it still get soaked with fuel does that mean that the crankcase gasket is messed up to
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    If its soaked with fuel then it was blown..Put a new one on and it should run. Take the time and check the crank gasket if it is wet then it to is bad. Change that to. Be better than putting it back together just to find out you gotta take it back apart.. Usually when one of my gasket go. I just change em all just to be safe. Beats the heck outta walking 10miles..Good Luck!
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    A blown head-gasket on an air-cooled single-cylinder 2-stroke is the easiest head-gasket to diagnose. You only have to check for one thing:
    Is there oil/gas leaking out of where the head meets the cylinder?
    Yes? It's blown.
    No? It's not.

    That's it. It's not like on a car where it can leak into an oil galley, water passage or into another cylinder. The head gasket only seals one thing: the cylinder. Besides, you'd have to have one **** of a leak for it to really affect performance. I'm talking about seeing puffs of smoke spitting out of the side of the engine.
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    Also, you will have fuel mix coming out between the head and cylinder. Very easy to spot along with the noise it makes.
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    I have a c series (air cooled) kdx200. I think it's very likely I have an air leak because I have symptoms of one. When I rev the bIke, I see smoke coming out from the area where the head and jug meet. However, I don't have any spoofed or oil or fuel coming out from there. Is it safe to assume I have blown head gasket?
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    Of course it's not....

    NEVER assume ANYTHING!
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    You will be able to feel the gasses puffing out with your hand when you rev the throttle.
    You will see the oil between the cylinder and head.
    Here is a mild failed gasket on the left, the one on the right is fine:
    You can see it was blowing out top and bottom. Most are more obvious than this and have oil collected on the cylinder fins.

    Ah, here is a better and more typical example: