What are the valve gaps for the Huangsheng?


Irish John

Thanks Cruiser, I think the problems I have are common to all the Grubee frame-mounted kits. They do have different gearing to the JL Hoot and require larger rear sprocket wheels. I do not run anything in the centrifugal clutch cos although it says it can be run in oil these pages confirm that it's not a good idea and causes the clutch to stick. In the gearbox I run white lithium marine grease. I don't like the problems reported from Grubee users who've tried using an oil bath - tapping filler and drain holes etc. - pain in the butt and then they get problems when oil flows through to clutch. I think I could maybe try wheel bearing grease and packing so much in it spreads itself around the cog wheels. Any grease will be thrown off the at the speeds that those cog wheels turn at so the more the merrier. I don't want a substance with a consistency that will flow through to the centrifugal clutch and stick that up. Where are these new Hoot Gearboxes you mention available from. They don't fit the shafts that come with the Huangshengs supplied with Grubee kits and I don't think they fit on a Honda. I think they only fit the Huangsheng that comes with them. Is this right?
I can't see my low end power problem being resolved because It is the gearing that puts the load on the motor. Even using the 56T supplied it wouldn't take off up a moderately steep hill even with pedaling. I'd need to run down hill and turn and take a run to get the revs up. My gears turn beautifully by themselves and there is no resistance making it hard for the motor. It's just the gearing itself that's the problem.

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