What are these mounts?

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    I ordered a brand new engine kit, should be here thursday. Im looking to do a more solid mount. Planning to do the 3rd mount that connects to a head bolt, but i plan to use 2 head bolts just for safety.

    i saw this picture a while back:

    and i like those small rubber bumper looking things. what are those called?! i've been scanning homedepots website and i cant find squat!

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    Ok, those rubber mounts are from a early model motor car in Australia called 1966 or 67 HR Holden ( GM ), front suspension or sway_bar rubbers. ( not sure anymore of the exact title of the part or part number.)

    If you really want to go that way, try neoprene cos it's oil proof. There ought to be many pictures of assorted suspension dampers in suspension spare parts catalogues to find similar shapes to suit.
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    there are aftermarket motor mounts that will be more solid than what you posted. Pirate Cycles sells many different sizes, but you would have to talk to them to see which ones they have will fit your bike. (While they have some that are specifically for Worksmans and some for Felts, you'll have to check the sizes to see if they have something that happens to fit your bike.)
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    After seeing the way he stacked up random washers on the front mount, then used a piece of 2x4 on the bottom, I really don't think I'd copy his mounting system. :grin5:
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    However, if you look a the rear mount, between the C-Clamp and engine block is leather. This dampens the metal to metal "knock" on to the frame.
    The other thing to note, it's a 27" frame and the reason the whole thing looks a mess, the bolt hole on the front down tube was the error.Didn't line up straight.

    The timber piece was made to hold the motor in place while all the other work was going on.
    It actually worked well for a while till the entire kit on that bike was transferred to a 26" frame.

    End result learnt from this project/build,
    leather works just as well between engine and frame mounts where there is literaly no metal to metal contact between engine and bike frame in later builds.
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    Pirate motor mount adapters

    You might want to call them to ask what exactly you will need since their system consists of several different sizes, but it will be more solid than a series of stacked washers...