What are your favorite 2 stroke oils and ratios?

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    I've always used castrol super 2 stroke oil just because it's cheap and available almost everywhere.

    My ratio is 32:1 I've found it to be the best with a lean jet combo second from the top setting.

    I've been looking at the Lucas oil 2 stroke oils but have not been able to pick one, they offer these 3.


    Two are Semi-synthetic, 2-cycle land & sea oil tc-W3, Semi synthetic 2-cycle oil and lastly synthetic 2-cycle snowmobile oil.

    I am leaning towards the full synthetic since it's the only one I can pick up locally where I live in canada for a good price. I looked into other like Royal Purple fully synthetic two cycle oil but it's a order in item and it cost 20 bucks for a 1L bottle!

    There is also Castrol Power RS TTS 2T which it supposed to be really good but again not available here in canada sadly in the USA it's a good price at 13-15 of a 1L bottle of fully synthetic.

    Right now I am running a mix of synthetic 60 ml 5w-40 and 100 ml of castrol super 2 stroke oil just to see how much better it would run and to help lubricate a bit better.

    So far it's running much smoother but I'll just be doing this as an experiment, it reminds me when I used to run 5w-30 full synthetic because I couldn't find 2 cycle oil at the time They were all sold out but that was the very first build I ever did, good times. That engine always ran fairly well too.

    Anyways I want to hear about your favorite oils and mixes you use and if you have ever made your own mix of oils or used car oil as a replacement.

    Happy motoring!


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    Since no one has replied I'll just give an update.

    So as you know I have been looking for Full Synthetic oils and in Canada that is harder said than done. Mostly you will find Castrol Super 2 Stroke oil in 500ml and 250ml but more uncommon is the 1L. That's about it when it comes to 2 stroke oils at most places. Sometime you can find a in house brand like Motomaster, Canadian Tire brand but it almost always out of stock around here. Since I now live in a more industrial area I have a ton of Auto parts stores around such as Napa how has basically nothing and Lordco who are great.

    I ended up picking up the Lucas oil Full Synthetic snowmobile oil over the Semi Synthetic oil since the Full synth was only a dollar more at 11.67 with taxes for a 32 fl oz bottle, not bad considering the Super 2 Stroke is about 10 bucks.

    I made sure that it was alright for air cooled small engine and it say it's fine for all 2 strokes which is a plus. I have not been able to use it yet as I still have to finish my custom mix.

    After my ride today after letting my bike sit I thought I would try going back to the middle setting on my carburetor from the more lean setting I have always run on all other engines. While it was running very well on a leaner setting with the new mix, much better than normal. After I put it back to the default setting with my custom mix it just goes nuts after you get going. I have never had my engine run so dam fast before, it even runs much smoother. The mix is 100ml Castrol Super 2 stroke oil and 60ml Castrol Edge FTT for 5L of gas at 32:1

    Give it a try and tell me your results. I'll come back with an update after I do some more riding.
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    I get my oil from pharmasave castor oil just remember to shake the hell out of it
    if it didn't need to be shaken and make tons of slime (it won't burn in a engine) everyone would use it it is a much better oil than what you buy for a AIR COOLED 2 stroke.
    My rc plane engines don't even need rings because of it. My ENYA motors use a steel piston in a iron sleeve and will destroy themselves on any other oil
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    I'm a big 2 stroke fan from wayback, and amongst Canadian serious 2 strokers, we have a saying:
    "There is no good 2 stroke oil to be bought at Canadian Tire".
    Not completely true, as some do carry boutique items, but most don't.
    Conventional mineral oils make too much carbon. Plugs mufflers and rings and carbons the head.
    The Castrol cheap stuff will carbon up and destroy powervalves in a couple tanks.

    Semi-synthetic is marginally better than mineral oil, mostly because there is less than 50% synthetic in it.
    I'm running a bunch now as a test and wish I had a camera to show the carbon. Wait a minute:
    Old picts of mineral oil vs synthetic. Guess which is which? Residue cleaned off with a cloth.

    Go to your local bike shop or sled shop. Look for synthetic PREMIX oil, it is the best, thicker.
    Pay $20 for a litre and mix it even to 50:1 if you want to save a buck. Good oil can be bought for $12.
    Ipone, Motul, Amsoil Interceptor are names that come to mind. I'd recommend 32:1.

    Castor oil is a wonderful old-school oil that actually seals as it wears.
    It builds up a varnish that reduces clearances and prevents scuff. Amazing stuff. It is messy however. Neat smell.

    Mixing 4 stroke oil with 2 stroke oil is not a good idea. Completely different properties.

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    I've a nice collection of used Mobil1 20-50 from my Buell that I use as chainsaw bar oil. In the Buell, the stuff lasts longer than a rear tire, I wonder if I should try it in my Skyhawk. o_O
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    not Castrol castor
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    No, well, its a free world, fill yer boots, but it isn't a great idea.


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    I've just started using my new Lucas Oil Full synthetic snowmobile oil it's for all 2 Strokes despite the name and it's great stuff, runs miles better then my old standby the Castrol super 2 stroke oil.

    I checked out my plug and piston and they are much cleaner and my plug is dry not covered with oil at 32:1. I did notice my engine finally break in using my oddball blend but now I got a gas can full of custom mix, I wish I had my gas scooter working so I could use it up. I've been hearing good things about Castor oil for RC and ringless pistons.
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    Castor is great for anything that does not have a powervalve. It still likes to be used heavy, like 25:1.
    It will actually build compression with use. It will cake up everywhere with time.
    Ring grooves, combustion chamber, ports, even the pipe will eventually have to be baked to clean.
    Castor makes the most power if you don't mind the mess.

    Castrol department store oil is a waste of the bottle. Avoid it.

    The synthetic sled oils work fine for summer use too. They are typically designed for injector use so stay thin even in extreme cold. The summer branded premix oils seal and build compression better and are often noticeably more viscous, either work well.