What are your hop-ups?

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    What have you done to personalize your bike, make your motor better, ride experience more comfortable, etc.

    I did:
    • Schwinn Light
    • Schwinn Big, comfy seat
    • Front tote bag on handlebars
    • Bicycle pump
    • Spooky's two-sided kickstand
    • Headlight (battery powered)
    • Speedometer
    • I also ordered the 2 brakes in one handle upgrade, but it's not here yet.

    I removed:
    • Chain guard
    • Kill switch

    I bought the upgrade clutch handle/brake from Powerkings, and it's really a brake/3 speed gear shifter WITH RATCHET. I don't want to clutch like that, it's dumb.

    Tell me what you did...what kind of stuff is out there...post links and pictures!

  2. SirJakesus

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    Painted Staton rack and gearbox and cut/ground hardware to give it a finished and not so chunky look
    Full 12v electrical system with charging port including:
    -battery charge meter
    -55w headlight on a dimmer
    -tail light and lever actuated brake light (used resistors and a bypass so I have one single light just like motorcycles)
    -charging port and smart charger
    -clean wiring
    -kevlar tires and double thick tubes
    -convex nashbar bar end mirror which is very nice, I can see behind and to the side MORE than on my SV650s dual mirrors.
    -fabricated a bracket for my battery/electrical/tool box.

    I have so much more to do... sorry, I get obsessive about this stuff. I probably just should have bought a moped and been done with it but the cool and custom factor just wouldn't be there.

    still NEED to do:
    -mudguards front and rear to avoid the water-in-the-crotch spray that I know I'll get on my first wet road day with her.
    -Better license plate mounting and better license plate lighting.
    -12v dynamo charger if possible
    -white LED daytime running light to augment halogen, increase visibility and increase road illumination (its **** dark here in the sticks at night)
    -bought some LED ground effect/accent lighting recently, still need to install.
    -want to eventually install a 12v accessory port for satellite radio/gps/compressor etc.
    -dedicated hookups for a 1gal jerry can for my weekly trip to the gas station to get another gallon of mix. Have been using bungees so far which works but not very elegant and not great for long hauls where I'll want that gallon well secured for many miles.
    -Wide palm support hand grips. I am on a mountain bike after all so I'm not completely upright but definitely not in crotch-rocket position by any means.
    ---eventually directionals just to be compliant if I ever travel to another state or just for the complete cool factor.
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  3. Replaced ALL sock bolts, nuts, and washers.
    Covered Clutch Cover
    Oringed carb
    Drilled carb bowl, for idle circuit
    New Fuel line and Filter
    SparkPlug, wire, and cap
    #41 Chain and Spring Loaded Tensioner
    Zip Tied Spokes, and balanced wheels
    Lengthend Clutch lever on Engine, Upgraded clutch Lever, New Clutch Cable
    Boost Bottle (although it's coming off soon)
    Matched Intake and Exhaust ports
    "The Couch" seat and suspension seat post
    Speedometer/ Odometer (computer)
    Geased Gears, Clutch Spring, and wheel bearings
    Gel Grips

    Still Need
    Mirror, Light, Rear Rack, Tool Bag.....
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    cool thread,BUMP!
  5. HoughMade

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    Here we go- all on a bike with a Grubee Skyhawk II- Honda GXH50

    As others- replaced all nuts, bolts, studs- used a lot of acorn nuts

    #41 chain instead of 415

    Took off the clunky, plastic Honda air cleaner- made my own round, vintage style, metal one

    Reversed the gearbox disconnect so it detached when pulling the lever (now I never touch the handle at all)

    Husky 26x2.125 wheels w/ 11ga spokes

    White tires

    Vintage long-spring seat recovered with goatskin

    Moved seat back, fabricated bracket for front and support for rear, brazed attachment for rear onto frame

    Short crank from a kid's 16" bike

    34 tooth front sprocket on pedal side, 19 on rear

    Fabricated nonfunctional "leaf springs" front and rear

    Made fiberglass cover over original tank for vintage, angular look

    Fabricated handlbars to look like board trackers, rather than turning originals upside down.

    Front springer fork (functional)

    Fabricated headlight and speedometer housing from old railroad lantern.

    Made custom face for the speedometer featuring "HoughMade Cycle Works" logo

    Fabricated throttle linkage and eliminated the governor

    No chain guards

    To do:

    Attach mini, chrome frame pump to mimic look of oil pumps that old "total loss" motorcycles used to use- including copper tubing

    Paint- including paint matching engine shroud- removal of the horrible stickers on engine.

    Make vintage look decals for tank and for engine cover

    Attach the MBc round sticker to the middle of the pull start housing
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    Some interesting mods people have done. I believe that a happy time engine is a base that you build and improve on. This way you learn a lot, have much better satisfaction, and have a more unique bike. This is just what I can remember I have done.

    -Matched and widened, raised exhaust, lower intake ports, cleaned up transfer ports too, the casting flash was shocking!

    - NGK Spark plug, Copper core wire

    - Cycle computer, doesnt work now though :-S pretty sure its to do with the copper core wire.

    - Chrome Expansion chamber with gold silencer :)

    - Put on a thinner base gasket.

    -Milled head by 0.4mm

    - Sprayed the entire engine black, then filed and sand papered down the fins a bit to give them a shiny silver edge, just for looks, however the black should in theory provide more efficient heat radiation.

    - Bored out the jet a bit, smoother and slightly quicker.

    - 32 tooth Kings sprocket

    - Larges' Clutch pulley mod

    - Front disc brake upgrade

    - Padded gel seat and padded gel seat cover! very nice :)

    - Key ignition / kill switch

    - Pull start

    And I think that is it,

    When I get my camera back I will take some pics of my new improved bike. I love it even more now, just got to get it started lol. I'm pretty sure the bowl is just flooded, so a very easy fix.

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  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    New Marathon Flat-Free solid poly tires for my 6.5HP trailer (no more air!!!)

    New Metallic Blue 18-speed Steel Pacific Bicycle w/26 inch, 1.95 tires (steel for smoother ride than my aluminum bike)

    New seat that doesn't soak up water and give you a wet butt

    Bike Computer w/backlight and temperature (max speed so far 49.9mph) :evil:

    Lowered gearing on trailer for more torque

    Flat-Free inner tubes for bike tires (no more air here too!!!)

    RPM governor removed (increase from 3600RPM to ~5000RPM)

    93 octane fuel instead of regular (for safer and smoother running of tuned engine and higher RPMs)

    Better breathing intake by removing filter cover

    9-LED flashlight bike headlight

    Loving it and still riding strong! Over 3.5 months of high HP fun!
  9. proline20

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    Bumble bee bolt on is the simplest kit made. No mods needed, but I upgraded the 25cc to a 30cc head and piston.
    Bike computer
    sunlight led lights front and back
    15" x 18" newspaper basket
    tool bag w/spare tube
    bike pump
    Spent $35 total for everything (bike, motor, and extras)