What Brand Bike is this?!?

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  1. WhizBangAndy

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    I just rescued a neat old tank cruiser bike and want to restore it back to its former glory but as you can see its rather rusty and I cant find a serial # and the badge in the front is missing. I would like to repaint it close to its original paint scheme but need a pic of one thats already done or in better shape. Any help is appreciated and Ill be posting the resto on my flikr account for anyone to see as soon as I can give it a name. Thanks to All!

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  2. KilroyCD

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    Looking at the salient details leads me to believe it's a Murray-built JC Higgins (Sears) bike from the late 1950s. It has a Murray chainring and the pointy rear drop-outs are a Murray trademark. No other manufacturer used drop-outs like that. The chain guard is a standard JC Higgins design, and Murray did build bikes for Sears as well as a number of other companies. The tank is typical of the style of tank that was popular in the late 50s to the early 60s. I hope this helps.
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  3. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Thanks for the ID Kilroy!

    I have been crawling all over the web to find a similar one but no ID. Ill focus my search on your suggestion and get crackin on this lil gem!
  4. KilroyCD

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    Here's the same bike, but under the Western Flyer (Western Auto) label. The chain guard is a different design than the JC Higgins guard, but other than that the bike is the same as the Higgins. The color likely isn't the same and the accessories (such as the racks) may differ as well, but this is the closest I have found so far. I'm still looking to find you a pic of the Higgins (I like a challenge).

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  5. WhizBangAndy

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    Thanks Again Kilroy!

    I was really surprised to NOT find one quickly (searched for 2-3 hours) before posting. I want to approximate the original paint scheme and some 50's style pin-striping and put my Girlfriends name on the Tank. A better end than the scrap truck that was roaming around right behind me for sure..

    I will use the info and make everyone proud of my save..

  6. fasteddy

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    Andy, look at the "classic and antique bicycle exchange" site. They are talking about a bike like yours right now.

  7. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Thanks for the heads up Steve..Ill check it out..

    I think I have a paint scheme in mind at this point though. Im considering a 2 step candy apple red with white pearl accents on the guard/fenders and considering how good/bad the rims are maybe the white on them too(unless I lazy out and get new chrome ones).

    I cant seem to get my girlfriend on a modern bike so I figure getting a real great looking old bike together for her would be a better option. I even have a Steumy Archer 3 speed rear rim with a Schwinn style White Wall brick tread. Of course that would involve figuring out another way to stop it..lol

    Shes a bit doubtful about this one but she hasnt seen me restore a bike yet so my hopes are high.
  8. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Man what a roller-coaster ride with this bike! Girlfriend didn't want it so I Craigslisted it.

    Guy pays but doesn't pick it up.

    Wanted me to deliver to NE Philly for free so I have refunded his $$ and now Im tearing it down , painting and rebuilding it with my last 49cc round-head Grubee engine.

    Gotta love the twists and turns..

    Stay Frosty since this is going to be a neat board-tracker inspired build with a twist. Ill keep everyone posted on the build as it progresses
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  9. WhizBangAndy

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    Pics will be up tonight of what little progress I have had. Mainly cleaning and sanding out the multiple paint jobs it has had over the years. Did a few templates to check volume for making a gas tank to fit where the fake tank goes. Should be a cool build..Initially going with my 48cc roundhead and single sprocket and see where it takes me. :D
  10. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    precious my precious..priming..sanding..priming..sanding..my precious craves attention:sweatdrop:

    More pics soon!
  11. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    OK I gotta pick a color scheme.. Im tied between a black w/ White Accents and Red pinstripes or a really nice 3 step Metallic Cherry Red with White Pinstripes and a Pearl White Tank W/ Metallic Cherry Pin-striping. Neither Original but the way this is going especially if I end up with Thick Bricks and 24" rims its not going to be original but just your average headturner..LOL
  12. Stan4d

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    If you wish to search sears catalogs for your bike a good place to start is here: http://www.wishbookweb.com/

    I found mine there. The two problems are that 1. It is the christmas catalog....so descriptions of colors may not match the supring/summer products. 2. Not all years are loaded.
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  13. WhizBangAndy

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    Thanks for the link Stan!

    Im actually going to do an original design since the bike wont be original when its done. Especially if I end up with 24" rims. The one original rim is in poor shape and the front rim was a 27" that someone put on years ago to make it work. Im getting a pair of decent chrome rims and using a new gel seat so originality is going out the door. Im even considering a Monark springer fork for the front
  14. WhizBangAndy

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    OK..Finally done sanding and priming..Going for Black/White w/red pinstriping. Kinda Rat Rod but shinier..lol Hopefully money wont get tight again (you know you are broke when you cant afford parts for a bicycle..lol):sweatdrop: