What brand of engine was sold here?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mefonz, Aug 16, 2007.

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    pre-edit: this is straight off the guy's listing...man, you gotta start reading before asking (and buying) stuff...
    you're not gonna like the rest of this reply either.

    if your kit arrived as pictured, you couldn't have done much worse...for one thing, there is NO such thing as an 80cc happy-time. lots of searcheable info here on that. also, the kit itself looks (to me) to be about as chintzy as they come, and even the best are sorta chintzy.

    if that seller doesn't have the parts you need, good luck finding a confirmed source.

    it's common knowledge here that there is no positive mix & match...engine-wise.

    kit-wise, you can likely find compatible upgrades with a little homework.

    buck up, buddy...if you read MBc for a while, your next purchase will be a winner for sure 8)
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    i was having a closer look at the listing...man, more of the same old carp!!!

    engine in pic and one on bike are different, claims of 40mph, "ours is the best" blah blah...

    and then i guess they tore it down and cleaned it reeeal good, huh?

    how do we get to the new builders before ebay does? i'd so love to drag their happy-time sales to a screeching halt...

    that's about the only honest thing the guy says
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    It truly is a shame. This is the cause of many folks who would otherwise be happy MB.c bike buddies, totally giving up, walking away, adn telling everyone that motored bikes are garbage.
    Very Sad...
    You are right Augi, I wish we could get these bike folks here, before these scheisters get into their wallets...
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    I knew he sells parts. However, I noticed that thatsdax sells performance parts. Just wondering if they will fit. My kit doesn't seem all that bad. It started right up and ran good. Well until the rear mount vibrated off and did some damage. That was my fault though.
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    sorry, your post led me to believe you didn't know, as you said "so I know where to get parts for it when I need them."

    again, mix & match hardly ever works...please read around this place before trying to debate basics with experienced folks...we usually discuss 2 different aspects of a purchase: "engines" and "kits." parts for "kit"s are much easier to mix than "engine" parts, but you still have to know what you're doing. i know your "engine" performs passably, maybe even better than, but i also know it's NOT an 80cc...and, IMO the "kit" is sub-par, especially for the price.

    dax sells parts to repair or upgrade his kits & engines...some sellers do this...noone (reputable) we know of will openly claim to be able to supply you with parts for an engine bought elsewhere...mix & match at your own risk. as i mentioned, it can be accomplished if you do your homework ie: read this forum as much as you can.

    please don't post a bunch of new topics about basics, that only makes someone else do the work for you...post a "reply" to an existing issue instead to participate in the organization of the enourmous amount of data we're scrambling to keep usable.
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    Isn't that what I just did by bumping this thread?
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    sure is, but what about the 2 new topics i had to merge for you last night? and, did you pay attention to the rest of my informative, honest, and accurate post? or thank anyone for the help? so let's be real with each other, eh?

    i and the other volunteers do this for free & don't much appreciate avoidable clutter, it makes unnecessary work for us...this is a community that works best together...like i said, take the time to check the place out before going post-crazy, most of what you need to know is already here :cool:
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    I know, and I am sorry about that. It was a newbie mistake. Won't happen again. I just don't understand why you are telling me about it again in this thread.
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    Amen Augidog!
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    Will do.
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