What Carb is This?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Fast Shag, Nov 4, 2014.

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    I'm running a 66cc flying horse, SBP expansion exhaust, and stock NT carb. Is this a knock off of the CNS or Speed? Any of you guys running with one of these on a 66cc?
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    Get it in red, 4 bucks cheaper. lol
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    How well does it work? Better that NT? What are the differences? Worth the upgrade? So many questions, too little answers. If you had a perfectly running NT carb, would you buy this one because of the performance increase? (if any) And yes I would get the jets and cable....In RED!
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    The advantage of these carbs is slight. They tend to be less "leaky" than the NT but I don't think they perform any better. Actually, the NT is a copy of the SHA Dellorto in many respects. These RT's are clones that have a flat slide, which is why you need the different cable. Plus, they look better IMHO. If you want to upgrade, I would wait and save my money and get a Mikuni or that Walbro that Fabian touts so highly.
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    The NT uses a single jet and a needle to control the mix. The SHA clones use a single jet to feed a tube with 2 holes, one for part throttle and one higher up to feed fuel into the stream at full throttle. If you look closely you can see a third hole in the carb throat that acts as an idle jet. The flat slide rises, uncovering the holes as needed.
    It is a more sophisticated carb than an NT and has a fixed float height so no adjustment of float height is ever necessary.
    On my bike the idle and midrange are much improved, the topspeed slightly down, but then the engine is about halfway broken in and the jetting isn't final.
    I like the SHA clone, it purrs at part throttle. The bike cruises at 21 mph at half throttle, never missing a beat.
    A far cry from what it was doing with the simple NT. The NT works, but the SHA works better.
    Mine wasn't perfect running, but it was ok. Now it runs better. It's a fair upgrade, unless you are going for top end speed, in which case the NT is probably better.
    As far as leaking, the SHA clone uses a thin rubber seal in a groove on the floatbowl that must be in place just exactly as you tighten the (only) 2 bowl screws. If it gets out of its groove, it will leak some gas. I ran into that once. The NT never leaked at all.
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