What did I do to deserve this?

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  1. I have written and rewritten a comment to a post many times. It was a lengthy posting and I checked each time I started it that it was okay for me to post, reply, etc. Then when I click to post it, I'm told I can't, that I must log in to post. Excuse me, I WAS logged in, thank you very much. I put a lot of thought and typing is work for me. If I'm being sent to the woodshed don't I deserve to be told why? If the system is borked, then FIX it!!!

    I actually have other things I could be doing besides helping members and rewriting things over and over and over.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Do you click the "remember me" box when you log in Mike, otherwise sites have a default time-out during the inactivity of writing a long post and then require you log in again.
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  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Don't feel pregnant, Mike. It's happening to me on BOTH motorbike forums.:ack2:

    What I do now is Copy my post when I'm done. If I KNOW it took me a while to write it, I don't even bother to hit the "Submit Reply" button. I simply re-enter the forum. If my welcome is blank, I sign in again. If I'm still logged, then I return to where I wanna post, then Paste what I had Copied.

    It's a pain, I know.:ack2:
  4. MikeJ

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    I will sometimes write my long-winded posts to a Notepad document. That gives me time to re-think and add more text. Then save that. Later, sign in, copy and paste the text, clean up any formatting, and save. (It took me a few frustrating losses to come up with this move.)
  5. rogernelson

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    Nice thought Mike. it's best to separately write in any text pad and then sign in and post.
  6. a/c man

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    I think yesterday I had this situation happen, and it's aggravating after spending my time doing it twice.

    Open a new tab, sign in then re-open the original tab. It will go through.,.....or right click and copy your work. Then after re-signing in just paste it in the message box.

  7. Stan4d

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    I will try to find an answer for you, in the meantime I have moved the thread where it will get more answers.
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    Same here, spend a long time writing and it may seem to vanish cos of not being logged in.

    Some of the trick I've learnt is to immediately hit the back button on browser, chances are it's still there. If it is, copy and paste to notepad and log in again.

    It may vary from forum to forum. It may be a "time-out" feature if there is no activity when logged in, the forum's settings may log you out. Probably a security setting.
    Some forums have this time-out feature activated, some don't.

    The other possibilty is your own firewall settings. If there is no activity while writing, then the firewall may simply prohibit comminucation, therefore the forum's settings may assume you are off-line.

    Yes annoying cos the first choice of what we write is often the best and 2nd time round it's not the same.

    The browser email service I use, if I spend a long time writing it will time-out to. But saves it Drafts.
    Maybe this option is something to consider. A post gets saved in a draft folder of the user's account.
  9. Mountainman

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    seems to be common on most sites

    I usually have luck as Bolt's was saying with the back button
    on another site this morning
    a long post of mine that I put some time into
    could not find it anywhere
    thought about thinking it all up again
    said to myself "heck with that"

    should not be on this computer for too long not good for a Mountainman

    time to get out and Ride That Thing