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    So I have a Specialized front suspension traditional mt bike. What do I need to convert it to a motorized bike? More specifically...
    I saw this kit. http://www.bicycle-engines.com/complete-rear-mount-engine-p-305.html Would it work with my bike?
    I saw in another post that they require wheels with bolted axles (opposed to quick releases)? This is an easy switch, but would rather keep the QR as changing wheels are infinitely easier with QR skewers.
    It seems with the price of gas that a motor assisted bike is worth it.

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    We're glad you joined up.

    To tell the truth, a motor assisted bicycle is worth it whatever the price of gas.
    Very, very few people regret it. Those who do are those few poor souls who just can't get the feel for tinkering with a bicycle. If you are not one of them, then you ought to go for it.

    You'll probably have to sacrifice your quick releases. Beyond that, advice from from us is a bit premature. You should read the threads in this forum. Just browse topics with titles that seem interesting to you. In no time at all, your bike will start taking shape in your mind.

    You'll have fun.
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    By all means, take the time to read the applicable posts and employ the search engine. Go to Golden Eagle site for basic info on offerings.

    Questions are fine, but you will learn much by perusing the threads.