What do you do when it rains??


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11:51 PM
Mar 19, 2008
South Mississippi
I've seen quite a few people say that their motored bike is their only form of transportation. I'm just curious how those people get to work/school when it rains. Down here in the South, it doesn't rain that often... but when it rains, it pours! Mobile, AL supposedly gets more rainfall than Seattle, which is known as the "Rain City"... and Gulfport is just west of Mobile, so we get quite a bit of quick and heavy rainfall ourselves.

Now it's time for everybody to participate... What do you do when it rains??

Do you call in sick?

Do you ride anyway? If so, what setup do you have and what gear do you bring?

Do you take this time as an opportunity to drive your "other" vehicle that you actually despise?

Do you get a significant other or friend to drive you?
I duck and cover! Every crash I have been in has involved rain/slippery roads.

But in FL, it pours for maybe 10-15 mins and it is gone and then the roads are dry enough to ride on about 10 minutes after the rain.

(But in the summer, this happens multiple times a day).
Keep on sticken to the man large.

When its wet or raining I ride alot slower and take care cornering.
Hot totty and old Perry Como records, now that's a rainy day. Tell me this old man don't rock.
I dont ride my MB in the rain unless I get caught in it. Same goes for the motorcycle. It's just not enjoyable and taking turns in the rain scares the jeepers out of me. I always feel like the bike is going to go out from under me if I hit an unexpected greasy spot. When I am caught out in it however I don't stop and wait for the rain, I just take care to get to where I'm going so I can dry off and warm up. Around here we can get quick thunderstorms or rain that hangs around for days so either way I dont see the need in trying to wait out the showers.
i p!ss and moan and just go for it!

However, the rain is nothing.... THe snow is what really gets on my nerves!!
I cuss and pedal because the rain makes my belt and tires slip, and I barely go over 20mph when it rains.