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    Hello All, been quiet awhile since ive posted on this forum.
    Well my bike is ready to fall apart, the HT motor still running smooth thank god. Every time i go to do something with the bike to make it at least safe another problem smacks me in the face:furious3::banghead:. ive stop riding the bike before i hurt myself or someone else. Anyway i have this old Mongoose 20 inch BMX bike that is in good condition i got for free. a lick of paint and some chain lube and its as good as new (and safe). Would it be a Good or bad idea to do a rear mount set up on this bike and would there been anything special needed to do this apart from shortening the chain that goes to the motor. Also i rarely ride off road if that makes any difference
    Any help will be appreciated

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    Rear wheel friction kits are simple and require little tinkering once they are set up properly.
    if you live in a relatively arid area, a friction kit may work well for you.