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    You should check out motorized bikes .ca, good kits, excellent service, and the exchange rate... I've heard bad stuff about kings.
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    Yes! I agree . Bad stuff about Kingsmotorbikes. Don't go there . I got mine fromCalifornia motor bikes. I like it, just have 1 1/2 gal. of gas into it sofar. So far so good! :p
    Keep looking up! Ken.
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  5. Where else can I get a motor that is ported and come with a reed valve and carb . that is the only reason I am interested on this engine that I posted in the link
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    I don't off hand who is an actual distributor of real Skyhawk made engines in Canada but http://Bicycle-Engines.com is in the upper NW of the US.

    All I can say is the engines gasbike/kings are, like most everything but basic parts, fake knockoff junk.

    But do you really need a bigger engine?
    Throw an NGK spark plug in and add an expansion chamber exhaust and you will be amazed.
  7. I just would like more power and to go a bit faster , as of now my 48cc has a expansion chamber a CNC low compression head and boost bottle
    . would of gone with a reed valve but since this motor is discontinue I don't want to buy one and not fit.don't have it ported but am gonna go ahead and do it . but I think the 66 will give me the power with less upgrades
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    He has the Grubee KC, which is what http://www.motorizedbicycle.ca/ sells.
    Good supplier, but no reed or case induction engines, just the Grubee Skyhawk.

    Reeds are not the do all for power. You really need case induction to make them work.

    Undercover BB, speed costs, just how fast do you want to go?
    I get almost 60kph out of 1.5hp. I find that quite fast on a 27 lbs machine with poor brakes.
    To get 80kph on the flat I'd need about 3.3hp, or 5.3hp if I want to do it up a steep hill.
    I am pretty sure, based on previous 2 stoke experience this is possible.

    Still, this doesn't compare to the 12hp or so a KTM50 would put out.
    Fitting is always a problem. If it was easy, EVERYBODY would be doing it.

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    I have to agree with KCvale. An expansion chamber is the way to go. Also, adding an air box would be a good idea since two stroke engines need both of these things to run. I've built a couple using stove pipe for material and found an incredible increase in power even without an air box. The stock exhaust is built to make the engine pass code. It's garbage. Also, replace the stock CDI. Porting is easy to do with a dremel tool, and basically essential with these engines as there are so many different castings for the cylinder. It also greatly increases your power. The 48cc is closer to balanced than the 66cc. My bet is it could create more power than the 66cc at high RPM. Balancing is another thing all together.
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    Another pipe.

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  12. All I need is a high performance cdi and some porting on my 48 cc but not sure if it'll work with just the boost bottle and I'm not sure if the Reed vales will fit this engine cause I had to modify the expansion chamber and the intake manifold to cause the one that came with the boost bottle was to small. As far has how fast I wanna go . I wanna go 45 but be able to cruise at 35 mph, as I have my setup now my bike. Nearly hits 30 and if its a good day I'll go 35. Also I'm still fighting with the issue of it for stroking at top end , and when I adjust the carb needle it'll run super lean. The 4 stroking is only moderate in term of it only happens here and there at top end
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