What do you mean it's not stock??

Heh heh....Just finished my prototype expansion chamber setup ;-)



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Runs STRONG and ironically has a quieter/deeper exhaust note then my modified (cut baffle)
stock muffler.....I wanted to do a separate post on my findings but I will have to take the Tach and speedometer off my demo bike to provide actual performance numbers for this bike (my experimenting bike)...Seat of the pants tho and in testing the bike with the stock pipe VS the "tuned" pipe there is no comparison....Modified is WAY better....I use Bellview ave here in Charlottesville as my test road....very long and steep....new pipe pulls it very fast where the stock muffler was bogging....gearing is 36T....pedaless starts are now viable but probably still hard on the clutch so even tho I can now I may still ride it like before


Looks great - considering the number of people on here using that sort of engine would be it worth trying to get pricing on making up a number of them from an engineering/fabbing firm?

Jemma xx

Bean Oil


Run that beeotch under the bottom bracket and out along the chainstay so the silencer extends just beyond the rear dropout. The chamber's cones' proportions would have to be narrower and longer... to retain the necessary chamber volume... if that's how that works. Dunno.

I would rock that; definately.

Thumbs up to YOU, mister. That is awesome, except for the cast iron fittings. I guess one uses what one can in a prototype stage... Hee.