What do you think of "rejuvenate" 2 stroke oil?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by arceeguy, Aug 14, 2009.

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    That word

    Marine worries me .. it inply's " WATER COOLED ENGINE "

    We us aircooled engines, I don't know ????

    anybody else ???
  3. arceeguy

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    The website says it is good for any 2 stroke. Lawn Mowers, dirt bikes, power equipment, etc.

    The before/after pictures look impressive!
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    if you got a old worn out engine go for it !!!!!
    cant hurt
  5. arceeguy

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    My old lawn mower might benefit. My Happy Time only has 50 miles on it, so I doubt there are any deposits.

    I have to check and see if they sell pints. A 1 gallon container is 40 bucks!
  6. arceeguy

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    I think I may have a good candidate for "rejuvenate" oil.

    I just got back a small 2 stroke generator from a good friend of mine. He has been using it for several months, and it has over 400 hours on the clock.

    I just started it up tonight to run it out of fuel for long term storage and noticed that the engine knocks after it warms up for 5 minutes. I checked the flywheel mounting nut, and the bolt that holds the rotor to the crankshaft. I figured that if these loosened up, it would create the knocking noise. It didn't help.

    So I'm thinking that carbon deposits have built up enough on the piston and head so that after the engine warms up and expands, the piston is contacting the head.

    The instructions state that the engine needs to be de-carbonized every 300 hours, so this will be a real test of this miracle oil.
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    well this sounds interesting!

    maybe compare this oil to Startron "enzyme cleaner"?

    I use Startron in my happytime and it stays mirror shiny even on 16:1
  8. arceeguy

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    Turns out the knocking in my generator is pre-ignition from an overly lean mixture. Looks like the carburetor is cr@pped up, probably from trash in the fuel. A new carburetor is only 15 bucks shipped, so that's what I ordered today. I might try soaking the original carb in solvent, but removing the fuel bowl, cleaning out the fine sediment at the bottom and flushing with cleaner has made no difference. Swapping out carb from another genset got it running right. I'm glad the engine didn't blow up from the lean mixture. It wasn't too lean, but it would surge and hunt a little. A new plug still had a white insulator after an hour of running at 1/3 load.

    I still might buy some rejuvenate and take before and after pictures of the piston crown to see if this stuff actually does what it says.