What do you think of this engine 97cc



I wonder if anyone knows what the drive side of these engines needs to be? This looks like another Honda clone, the 125.00 price is good, check it out. Have fun Dave
Surplus Center dot com horizontal engines.


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Feb 14, 2008
This is the exact set up as a lifan 97cc I had. Mine ran perfect. I had it on a mini bike though. You can see the clutch set up on photo 2. If I still had it, it would have fit on a bike with the wider pedal crank. You may need a jackshaft to insure proper chain alignment.

Easy starting, ran it guessing approx 500hrs with 7 oil changes. Zero problems. The family I sold it to beat on it another season with no problems. My opinion only, loved it.


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It looks like a good engine, but with 97ccs and making 2.5 hp and weighing 25 lbs., I would choose a Honda 50cc of the Huasheng clone. The Honda makes 2.5 hp, the clone a hair less, but they weigh 12 lbs and are physically smaller.

It would take a little looking to come up with a solution to get the power to the wheels at the proper rpm. The kits for bikes I am aware of use the above engines that run up to and over 7000 rpm while that engine maxes out at 3600- those issues can be solved with creativity, though.

If you've got the space for it though, looks good.