What do youo think is the best drive system

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  1. TheMasterChief

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    i'm looking for an easy way to make a moped because i need to get to work without burning all my money on gas. i'm looking at golden eagle kits and thinking to make a mock up but i also just saw a cheap chain drive and wondered if the golden eagle was better. i also need the system to be prety heavy duty because i live on 4 miles of dirt road. thanks for any help!

  2. sparky

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    Have you read The Crash Course? This is a pretty basic topic.

    I'll tell you my opinion, tho... I prefer centrifugal clutches with double freewheeled chains -OR- GEBE's kit (tho I haven't tried it, I've heard nothing but great things about 'em). Chains are definitely heavy duty, but they can be a PITA if they fall off & get dirty. If you're on a dirt road, I'd just get the GEBE kit for less maintenance.
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    just to make things a little easier for you around here...

    there are many (and significant) differences between 'mopeds' and 'motorized bicycles'...most importantly: you buy a moped, you build a motoredbike...viv le difference :cool:

    (no jab intended at hardcore moped doods who in fact do build their own rides)

    (at 15yo, i surely hope there's some adult involvement in your project...also, are you paying close attention to the safety issues that come into play when riding a bicycle at 30mph? the first time a 'minor' eats it on one of these contraptions could be the beginning of the end for motorized bicycling)
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    Normally i'de say get the GEBE kit but since u live on 4 miles of dirt roads i'de concider being stoned(and not whe WOW man,pretty colors kind)
    I'm talking about stones that your tyres are likely to throw-up or stones from passing traffic.Chains are more robust like that & are less likely to be effected.....remember though NOTHING is bulletproof.
  5. TheMasterChief

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    Sorry about the whole moped i mean a motorized bike with 27 inch wheels and bare bones bike. but if it makes you feel better i have expierence with speeds over 70 on a bike. (an 1100cc yamaha.) and know how to keep it in exclent condition-safe. plus by me it is pretty rainy by me. so i don't know if the belt would slip on the wet roads like my last system did.
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  6. TheMasterChief

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    one last major question for today if you can tell me how th GEBE dirve works i know about th edrive ring and belt part but i would like to know if it is just a straight shaft or it has gears in the part that connects to the clutch. thanks a million!
  7. sparky

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    There are no real gears. They advertise their "geared drive" system, but it's just fancy marketing speak for their toothed, kevlar timing belts.
  8. augidog

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    if one were to read read read the rack-mount section, they'd find some good details and pics about the golden eagle system, then it wouldn't appear as if we're talking thru our buttocks...look for topics tagged with "GEBE"

    and...masterchief...no offense, but it's not you i'm worried about, it's your age & how everyone else will perceive it. pocket-bikes and such have shown how quickly society will shut down something like this. if we want our contraptions to be viewed as real vehicles, then we have to deserve it.

    DOT-helmets, full-time lights front & rear, hand-signals, road-rules...self-regulation is the key.

    so, beyond yer skills to operate the bike, how's the attitude about how to conduct yerself when you're out there?

    like i said, no offense intended, but one of the reasons i had to come back around and say a few things is that i'm noticing the trend to look at motorized bicycles as "toys" suitable for "children"...i see sellers saying it's ok to give a 12yo a 70cc vehicle, i see dads building 30mph machines for 14yo daughters, i see things that worry me...i see a kid getting smooshed on the asphalt and the gov't shutting it all down.

    so, are you wearing or using the proper safety equipment? are you conducting yourself like a responsible motorist?

    valid concerns, and not much attention's being paid to them.

    sorry moddies for dragging this one off track...
  9. loquin

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    The toothed belts don't slip. Nor do chains. There are pros and cons for each of the systems.

    The Staton chain drive is more robust, handles more power, and handles abuse (jackrabbit starts, etc) better than gebe. It is a little noisier, and definitely heavier, though. Since the wheel sprocket freewheels, you can coast with just a background click-click-click sound, and can pedal the bike with no load from the drive system, without removing the chain. Although the Staton chain requires more maintenance than the GEBE belt, it is not exposed to the same amount of road grime as the bicycle drive chain, and, once aligned, it isn't affected by lateral movement, like that of a derailleur.

    The Gebe system is lighter, and typically needs less maintenance. But, you have to pull the drive belt if you want to use the bike without the drag of the clutch. Granted, this only takes a moment, but you do need to stop. Belts are susceptible to damage/short life, if driving habits aren't more ... 'restrained' I guess is a good term. The gebe drive ring will take some work to get it aligned properly, so as to avoid vibration.

    From an efficiency viewpoint, the GEBE system is probably slightly more efficient than the gearbox/chain combo of the Staton system. It's not enough to brag about, though.
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  10. TheMasterChief

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    Thanks for all the help and sorry for my bad english skills but I use all the same stuff I use for my motorcycle falling one time on a normal bike was enough. just to make you feel better My dad told me to do something like this to get to work. i have and use the leather and pads.
  11. augidog

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    it does make me feel MUCH better to know dad's keeping an eye on things...and i like knowing you're already safety-conscious...ride-on, buddy :cool:
  12. Esteban

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    Scrubber [ friction } wheel drives have been around , forever, & are still being sold, new. Yes, they have some faults, but so do any type motor system you put on a bike. I like that they are easily disengaged to pedal, are lightweight, inexpensive, &&& simple to install & maintain. They are NOT in the way, when you are on the road & have a flat tire to fix, either .
  13. gary.lehman

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    Loquin...you're feedback is right on track with what I joined this group to learn. I'm at a crossroads on what to buy. Before I spoke with the Eagle Kits folks today (fyi...I found them VERY friendly and helpful) and received your input I was ready to make the GEBE decision. Thing is, my intended use seems to point towards a chain / sprocket type of arrangements.

    Here is my situation and needs. I'm an avid cyclist in very good shape. It isn't uncommon for me to bike 20-50 miles at a given setting. I live in the suburbs of my city and work near an airport. Our city is very forward thinking on bike paths and I have a beautiful path for about 60% of my 16 miles commute. I would like to be able to peddle on the bike path portion. After that first portion I have four lane (with a fifth middle turn lane) 35-45 mph road (wth no bike lane). I also have a sidewalk for all but the last mile of the second half of the commute (and laws allow for BIKES on the sidewalk here in Ohio). That early in the morning there is ZERO traffic on the sidewalks. Once I get to the last portion the speed goes up to 50 miles an hour for a mile. The mornings I have biked in (with it still being dark mind you) I ride AGAINST traffic on the median / off-road until I get to the sidewalk (which is a little in disrepair). So basically I need something that can bring me up to / close to traffic speed for the later half and then can run on a median for the last mile or so. My original intent was to simply get a 150cc/250cc scooter but I decided I wanted to get my cycling in as well. That means BY CHOICE I want to be able to peddle without the motor if I'm in the mood. With that in mind, do you think GEBE is the way to go? I mean, I'm not opposed to getting on and off the bike a time or two to engage / disengage the belt BUT I'm wondering if I might not be happier with a system that will "do it on the fly." Of course, I'm assuming that the sprocket / chain systems work like that.
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  14. stude13

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    hi; also the gebe kit needs to be used with 24" or 26" in. wheels because of the drive ring
  15. Zev0

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    Gary, as far as speed goes. Some of the gebe folks are going to speedweeks at the Bonneville Salt Flats this year to attempt to set a new record. So the gebe system can give you speed.
  16. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Is there another reason your intentions call for a chain/sprocket besides wanting to pedal every so often at random times?

    If I were you, I would jump right into buying a NuVinci kit from Staton, like this one. You'll get gas mileage at least as good as a GEBE kit, plus you'll still have a reliable chain that doesn't need to be replaced every so many miles... and you'll never have to remove anything to pedal freely.

    I'm interested in someone with a GEBE kit who pedals every so often as well. I actually pedal quite a bit with my dual freewheeled hub. It's simple to start and stop, no switching anything or pulling a clutch... it's mostly all automatic. You can pedal without having to hold in a clutch lever and also don't have to mess with the clutch lever when starting & stopping. I can pedal to the corner store at about 12mph with a 20" BMX... then ride back with a beer in my left hand as I let the gas burn behind me.

    I think this has NuVinci written all over it. The first bike I build will definitely be one of those kits from Staton. I'd be choosing between the Mitsu 42cc and Rob/Subaru 33.5cc.

  17. loquin

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    The R/S is a bit quieter, but, the mitsu isn't much louder. But, it has some 2-stroke pop.

    The mitsubishi has to have oil premixed, though, which makes it more inconvenient than just filling up at the pump (but, since I got the 96 oz tank, I can go all week between fill-ups.) The mitsu has 2.2 hp (versus 1.6 for the rs) which can, depending on your needs, be the determining factor.

    My wife and I have a Honda GX35 and the Mistubishi TLE43 respectively, and have been happy with both engines. Both are clean burning and reliable.

    The mitsubishi may be too much engine for the gebe belt, though, unless you're very careful with your 'takeoffs.' For the Staton system, it should be outstanding. A REAL hill climber, AND racer.
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  18. sparky

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    Yea, in this guy's situation... I'd get the Mitsubishi & NuVinci kit... but that's just me. Around here, I don't think I'd want to go much faster than 30mph... most roads are 25-35mph, and I'm not getting on the highways.

    And of course you can skip the NuVinci... but you never have to fool with derailers!! Only smooth shifting!
  19. loquin

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    Has anyone tried hooking up through an internal (shimano/Sturmey-Archer/others) 8 speed internal hub? Apx 300% hi-to-lo ratio, in equal steps...
  20. augidog

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    i think you can hook anything to anything if you're willing to accept (and respect) the mechanical limitations of the drive-train, and take up the slack with human-power. if a mutli-speed drivetrain was "legal' i'd be working on one, too...with gearing i bet i could take a shot at the 50cc motorcycle record with my 32cc.

    i like pedal-assisting...for me, it's all about bicycle-1st, motorizin' is a bonus.