What does 'horn tank' mean?

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  1. ratty

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    I see these on a lot of older bikes. It looks like a faux gas tank; was a horn mounted in these or what?


  2. KilroyCD

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    Exactly. A battery operated horn was mounted in the tank, and there was a button (usually on the right hand side of the tank) you pushed to sound the horn.
  3. Mountainman

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    they were not very loud but were super cool !!!

    ride that THING sideways
  4. I'm thinking of taking use my old paintball tank and now and get on my bike somewhere and then hooking up an air horn.
    I've had too many assholes just fly right out in front of me when I have lights flashing solid lights red lights white lights all around my bike I am clear to see wearing bright colors helmets everything and they still try to kill me.
    So I'm going to see if I can hook up that old paintball tank, Carpet Solitaire and see if it'll hold enough to operate an air horn. I think you'll have plenty of air to get me through my trip.

  5. Typo carpet Solitaire???? What the heck did that come from?????/???
  6. FurryOnTheInside

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    What kind of paintball tank? CO2 alloy refillable tank from the '90s? 7oz, 12oz, pin valve or on/off? Syphon, anti syphon or plain?
    I used a "12oz'er" with the screw-on air horn for starting and ending the games. It is the only type I have seen that fits the valve thread, and it is not so much triggered as turned on and off by the on/off (as opposed to a pin valve) valve on the bottle itself. It would be a lot harder to turn a tap on and off than to press a button. A button activated horn should be possible on a pin valve I supposeeee if you have some leverage. You could build anything off an old bottom line I guess as long as you have the right connectors.
    Don't leave the bike out in the sun or the burst disk will pop and attract lots of attention and also stop your engine haha.

    There are (bicycle) pump filled air (actual air) horns made for the purpose, of course. I would buy one of those and save the old CO2 tank for the greenhouse.
  7. I definitely do not want an exploding CO2 tank on my bike!
    Especially with everything being black in the Sun.