What Does Your Bike Weigh?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fulltimer, Aug 10, 2010.


What's Your Bike Weigh?

  1. Less than 50 pounds. What a light-weight!

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  2. 50 to 59 pounds

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  3. 60 to 69 pounds

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  4. 70 to 79 pounds

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  5. 80 to 89 pounds

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  6. 90 to 99 pounds

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  7. 100 pounds or More!

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  1. Fulltimer

    Fulltimer Member

    I just went out and weighed my trike. What a fatty! It weighed in at 104.4 pounds! The frame is 1" square steel tube and besides the motor it has a 12v motorcycle battery, tools and lights.

    So, what does your weigh?


  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    About 72# with 7ah battery and tools.
  3. Flapdoodle

    Flapdoodle Member

    My tribrid weighs 114#.
    28# of that is the battery pack,
    15# for the 3 phase synchronous motor front wheel.
  4. professor

    professor Active Member

    105 with rear rack, basket, tools, battery, generator, lights.
  5. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    52 lbs. Light enough to lift into a SUV or carry up stairs. Any heavier would be a problem.
  6. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    I ought to go to the recycling center and see if they can weigh mine.
    I am guessing around 50 lbs.
  7. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Gearnut, place a bathroom scale next to your bike's stand. Lift your bike off the ground, then step onto the scale. Note the combined weight; now weigh yourself and subtract from combined weight. That's your bike weight.

    "The Dragon Lady" weighed 140lbs. with electric hub and 80lbs of batteries. :ack2:

    When I replaced the electric drive with twin Mitsubishi 2.2hp engines, it weighed 105lbs.

    My Diamondback bike with Scooterguy mount and Tanaka 47R engine weighs 55lbs.

    My "Project 29" with GP460 engine should weigh 45lbs.
  8. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    I do not have a bathroom scale. The digital scale at the recycling center is free if they let me use it.
  9. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Last Thursday they weighed my dead T.V. at 225 lbs.
    It was a HUGE Sony Trinatron console. RIP beloved T.V. Your humongous screen will be missed.....
  10. professor

    professor Active Member

    For those with a more hefty bike - place the scale under on wheel at a time then total it up. It will be close enough for our purposes.
  11. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Bathroom scale, place the back tire in the middle, lock the rear brake and stand the bike straight up on the rear wheel. Simple and always works for me.
  12. Fulltimer

    Fulltimer Member

    I used the bathroom scale. My doctor would kill me if he knew I picked up 104 pounds. I'm only allowed to pick up 10 pounds. I was a little tiny bit over that! Now I'm paying for it. Left knee and hip are really hurting. I popped an oxy pill and then morphine. I FEEL REAL GOOD NOW! I still hurt but what the ****.:devilish:

  13. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    That same Diamond bike with Scooterguy mount, GP460 engine and SBP Happy Time expansion pipe now weighs 57lbs.:detective:

    With 5hp @ 11,000rpm and 6-speed close-ratio cassette/shift kit, it's a ROCKET!:jester:
  14. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    well, I can pick it up, so it probably weighs less than 100 lbs, but picking it up ain't fun, so it's got to be close, especially with a full tank of gas (can hold 1.5 gal). The bike all by itself is 37 lbs... add standard motor kit, 7 lb battery for lights, tool kit, saddle bags, 1.5 gallons of fuel... it adds up.

    I do not own a scale.
  15. f3if3i

    f3if3i New Member

    go out there and pedal assist that thing :whistling:
  16. Fulltimer

    Fulltimer Member

    I can't pedal a bike. My left knee doesn't bend far enough. Its really funny watching me pedal with one leg!:grin5: I can get it going a little bit though.

  17. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member


    bike 62#s me 155
  18. masterx1234

    masterx1234 Member

    my bmp friction drive kit and motor on the bike weigh about 46 pounds and plus i weigh 250 pounds! LOL
  19. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Terry, I thought it would be useful to add a poll to this thread, so I did... and voted:cool2:.

    Since several of us have more than 1 bike, you can select more than one weight. (If you have more than 1 bike at the same weight, PM any of the mods or admins, and we can bump the count up at that weight...)

    My Trek Navigator with a Staton/Mitsubishi TLE43 friction drive is now just over 50 pounds, after adding a rear basket (and a wheelmaster 10 gage/Sturmey-Archer Dynohub front wheel.
    My wife's Staton/Honda GX25 Friction drive was 43 pounds, before it was stolen.
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  20. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Haven't had a chance to weigh all four of my bikes yet, but my Whizzer weighs in right around 112lbs. The standard empty weight of a Whizzer NE5 is 104lbs (dry), but the extra weight is courtesy of a couple of tool bags and replacing the standard aluminim rims with heavy duty Worksman steel rims.