What does your desktop look like?

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  1. Mine is usually Motoredbikes but I'm kinda liking this one lately.


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  2. arceeguy

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    I can't see my desktop wallpaper. I download everything to the desktop, so my view is obscured by Adobe 6,7,8, & 9. The Internet exploder 7 distributable package, various funny gifs, jpegs and video files that I wanted to save, icons for trial software that hasn't worked for months. This computer needs a good douching!
  3. Do what I do and put everything in a single folder. I call mine "Everything Desktop."
  4. arceeguy

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    Naahhhh, then I would lose track of all the important stuff. :p
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  6. kerf

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  7. HoughMade

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    a lot like this

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  8. ozzyu812

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    Plain, Plain, Plain

    I have a 6yr old puter with a 1.6 Ghz socket 478 with 1G of RAM. So I run it with classic view and all performance settings and no desktop pic. My only luxury items are the 2 Widgets to keep tabs on the weather and how much I'm straining this old rig.

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  9. Here's my new one.

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  10. kerf

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    We seem to be straying into politics again. I put my picture up, the argument begins, I pull a knife, you pull a gun and ZAP, we're both in the thread of Oz.
  11. Woah. I just discovered todays developments. Thorry...
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    I still love ya man.
  13. I changed it today to reflect that bad bad boy at the zoo how tragic.

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  14. RdKryton

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    Here you go...

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  15. My new one. I think this one will last.

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  16. jmccrury

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    Work Computer

    Here's what my work computer looks like. Plain old WinXP. I don't like a cluttered desktop. My home computer looks identical except for a few more icons.

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  17. KilroyCD

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    Here's mine:

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  18. MoonHog

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    Here you go.

    Notice my stock plummeting....LOL. Luckily I'm relatively young, so I like to see my stock low...it means I'm buying low. :)

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