What does your workstation look like?

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    I have been working on my latest mods on the bike. The tank is now removable so I can take the bike into the condo when I wish to without any fumes from the tank gas off. Took the 4 pegs on the tank put rubber hose on them so they pinch the backbone and snap in nicely along with adding a long strip of 2 inch velcro that holds it in place nicely until I want to remove it. Got the new sticker on the motor. Now I am getting ready to add a 700w hub to the front wheel along with disc breaks. You can see my latest pics in this post but what I am interested in seeing is photos of YOUR work rack.

    A couple of things I have learned building this thing. If you lose power with the #3 CNS EPA carb check the air filter first. It is extremely efficient at filtering and will kill your power if it gets dirty. Definitely listen to what the guys here say. You MUST use thread lock on the exhaust studs.

    I get such a sore back bending over to work on this thing all the time but I am not sure what kind of work rack would work with the weight. I might at least like a mount that I can set the bike on so I can start it without needing to ride it.

    Please post a photo of your work station / rack.

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    I have to agree.... I don' like bending/stooping, kneeling or squatting to work on my bikes.
    I hang mine from the rafters in my garage with tie-down straps.

    Another handy trick is putting the bike on a porch (as a workbench) & standing on the ground.

    here's a link to some of our work stands: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=18611

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