What electric fully completed bike can go 25-35 mph.Is this possible?


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Sep 2, 2008
Is there a fully built electric bike that will go 25-30+ mph?If so, is there a completed bike under 700 dollars.
Several and No.

The batteries alone would cost you more than $700 unless you only wanted to go that fast for about a minute. Nothing even remotely fitting that price that will go that fast, which is illegal under federal regs btw, on the horizon even.

You may be able to find a used electric scooter for that price though.
Electrics are usually more expensive than gas bikes and don't have as high speed. You could get close to 25mph with a Wilderness Energy 36 volt kit and add a battery for 48V, put it on a garage sale mountain bike. You could do that for less than $700.