What else can be done to maximize sh**ty Chinese engines

Mar 23, 2018
So far I’ve replaced every sh**ty, self stripping nut and bolt I can. I live in the US so finding metric bolts is sometimes a challenge. I reinforced the engine mounts and chain guide and placed make shift rubber shocks between the frame and the engine to stop it from shaking so hard the chain slips off. I went through and put gasket seal on the carb, head, and exhaust. I replaced the air filter and spark plug and sealed the line from the gas tank. I wanted to share everything I thought of that can be done and didn’t want to sift through forums to figure out if there’s anything else


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Sep 23, 2013
If you'd posted in the Introduce Yourself subforum first, you would have found these threads

It is not possible to list everything that can be done to improve the generic 2-stroke in a single reply anyway. For one thing, there's choices for you to make based on your intended use for the bike. You really need to learn about the very basics and ask more specific questions.

Go sift. ;)

Also try holding the camera the other way around. :p :rolleyes:


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Nov 16, 2015
i think the most popular is the chain tensioner. your rubber boot is not going to work. this things comes loose and hits your spoke at 20+ mph and thats your wheel or more destroyed.


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Sep 25, 2017
Look at all these helpers! Be joyous young lad’

Weld engine mounts & get rid of that tensioner. When you replace the hardware, keep the studs for both the intake & exhaust. -Do not use bolts as an alternative! Find a dremel. Clean up the casting sludge that’s usually built up in the intake and exhausts ports near the piston. I did not tell you to bore them out either -not even a touch. Make sure there’s no overhang in your ports. This includes your gasket.

You feel like it, replace the gas tank. Make one. You don’t need two filters. Either pick up an in-line one at your nearest auto store or simply use the petcock that came with your tank -there’s a filter in there.

Looks like a 700c. That rear sprocket clamp will most likely reign destraut on your rims/tires. Pick up a rim that includes a disc brake. Thread your sprocket onto that. I didn’t say to buy an aftermarket-motor-bicycle specific clambshell mount either. Save your money & just go straight for the rim.

My first 700c HT did like 37 mph


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Apr 13, 2018
Remove rubber from motor mount, true motor, chain tensioner, and sprocket and keep chain tensioned with no more than 1 inch of vertical play. Now you won’t have to worry about the chain jumping.